FOCUS Newsletter by AIR Technology Services


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FOCUS Newsletter by AIR Technology Services
Volume Number 2 - April 2009

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FOCUS Newsletter by AIR Technology Services

  1. 1. What is Recovery is vital. Learn how to delay See what our Business Backup without the Outlook emails and customers say about Continuity? ability to recover is avoid the common the work we do for of little use. “whoops”! them! PAGE 3 PAGE 1 PAGE 2 PAGE 4 focus Volume 2 YEAR: 2009 What is Business Continuity? The purpose of the site is to allow registered users to maintain a list business if we were to lose it? The definition of Business continuity – keeping the doors open, of contact details of people they business-critical information varies greatly from no matter what – is a goal that nearly every know and trust in business. The business to business. business owner has, regardless of the type of people in the list are called business. Managing operations effectively, • Which documents and databases (or files) Connections. Users can invite maintaining profitability, and making sure that are vital to your organization? These anyone to become a connection. customers and employees are satisfied are vital documents and files should be imaged This list of connections can then elements for business continuity, but alone they electronically first, and then backed up and be used in a number of ways: do not provide a guarantee against closure. stored in an off-site location. Which data files * A contact network is built up are purely archival and are not required for day- Far more common than natural or manmade c ons is ting of their direc t to-day operations? Those may be a second disasters, employee turnover, data corruption or connections, the connections of priority in your back-up strategy. even a virus can result in the loss each of their connections. This • What equipment—including of significant corporate knowledge can be used to gain an software applications and the as well as inconsistent work introduction to someone you wish hardware needed to run them—is to know through a mutual, trusted quality. Without a well-conceived required in order to ensure that contact. plan, a business can suffer you can access your data so that * It can then be used to find greatly, and in a worst-case your processes continue to run jobs, people and business scenario, it can collapse. smoothly? Which steps, if any, opportunities recommended by can you afford to postpone or someone in one's contact Although the answers to the network. Don’t be the victim of data-loss! delay? following questions might seem Create a Business Continuity obvious to management from a Plan today — include your data! • Do the employees who carry The quot;gated-access birds-eye viewpoint, the persons out the mission-critical parts of approachquot; (where contact with any responsible for Business your business use laptops? If professional requires either a Continuity Planning (BCP) need to find and not, will they be able to continue mission-critical preexisting relationship, or the record detailed answers: work in the event that circumstances prevent intervention of a contact of theirs) • Who are our customers? Where does this them from coming into the office? If so, are is intended to build trust among they required to take their laptops home with the service's users. information reside? What documents and data them so that they are able to keep time- about our customers are critical in order for us sensitive projects moving? Is there a site that to continue serving our customers in the event could become an alternative office on very short of unforeseen circumstances that would prevent notice in the event that this is necessary? access to our normal working environment? Could it quickly and easily be equipped with • Are there companies that provide products everything that you would need? and/or services to our company, without which we would be unable to deliver our company’s On a more basic level, what WOULD you “We take care of your computer own products and services networks so you can focus need? Analyzing business continuity needs a on your business!” • Which information would be crippling to our top-down approach that involves everyone.
  2. 2. 2 Recovery is vital to business! TIPS FOR EXCEL Recovery is vital. Backup without the ability to recover is of little use. Today's technology USE means that companies can now go beyond the limitations of tape archiving to achieve quot;any point in timequot; recovery. Get The Right Answer in Excel Ensure security and continuity of business data regardless of location. The combination of When writing formulas, make sure the results will be calculated continuous data protection, offsite data backup, virtualization of backed up servers and bare as you intended. Excel adheres metal recovery (the ability to recover an entire system from scratch, including data, the OS, to the standard order of precedence for calculations and applications, and all settings and configurations) affords the greatest protection and forms the calculates percentages, exponents, multiplication, and foundation of a workable disaster plan. division in this order before calculating addition and The AIR MAX Backup and Recovery Solution is a rapid server recovery solution designed for subtraction. For example, =7+5*3 results in an answer of 22, not small and mid-sized businesses that 36. To force a calculation to be completed before other is both cost-effective and easy to calculations, place it inside use. When IT disaster strikes, parentheses: =(7+5)*3 will result in 36. If you're unsure how Excel businesses can quickly restore failed is evaluating a formula, click on the cell and choose Tools | systems in minutes to a specified Formula Auditing | Evaluate point in time without taking hours or Formula. Click on Evaluate to watch as each part of the formula days to manually rebuild and restore is successively calculated. systems. Our solution even breaks the barrier of having to recover Save All and Close All systems to the identical hardware platform where recovery points were created and eliminates the high costs of having to maintain duplicate hardware solely for the purposes of system recovery in the event of an emergency. Businesses with older hardware environments that fail can restore their systems to newer and more updated hardware. Restoration to new hardware (Hidden Menu Options) can be accomplished without having to reinstall and reconfigure operating systems, device drivers, applications, and system settings — making it quick and easy. If you hold down the Shift key while selecting the File menu in Word (or in Outlook when Remote system recovery can be achieved with our access via Log Me In. Remotely we can composing a message), the conduct bare-metal restorations simply by connecting via the backup server. For example, if a menu options change. You get handy options to Save All new patch or application causes system corruption, we can perform a bare metal restore and Close All open files. In without being physically at the server. The system can easily be rolled back to a previous Excel, you get a Close All— but not a Save All—option. recovery point. There are many things that can bring a server down — complete hardware failure is a common Office 14—Already slated for culprit. Small and mid-sized businesses are never 100% immune to the possibility of a server late 2009, early 2010! crash, and when it happens it seems like there is never enough time or staff resources to deal with the problem the AIR MAX Backup and Recovery Solution will help keep your business running, even if the server fails, without skipping a beat.
  3. 3. 3 Delay Sending of Emails TIPS FOR OUTLOOK Have you ever written an email, hit send and then wished you could stop it from going out? I USAGE know I have a few times. I either realized too late that it was addressed to the wrong person, was written poorly, had incorrect information or was too emotionally charged. If you are the average email user you rapidly began formulating damage control or sent a recall notice, pretty useless by the way, or sent a follow-up email explaining the first one. What if you could actually delay the sending so your Outbox waits a minute or so before the email gets sent? I recently changed my Outlook settings to do just that! It is called Delayed Send and is a rule that you can create right in your Outlook. In most cases, you will not notice the Delay in the Send a message to multiple send at all. The minimum delay you can set is one minute. If you need something to delay people without revealing other recipients' identities longer or go out faster you can do that to an individual email. I love it and find that it gives me To send a message to that extra second just in case I hit send too fast. someone without other recipients of the message knowing, use the Bcc line in Here are the steps to take to setup Delayed Send in Outlook: GO to Tools->Rules and the message. Bcc stands for blind carbon copy. If you add Alerts. Click “New Rule”. Select “Check Messages After Sending. Click “Next” and then someone's name to the Bcc “Next” again. When Outlook confirms that you want this rule to apply to every message, click line, a copy of the message is sent to that person, but his or “Yes”. Check the box next to “Defer delivery by a number of minutes”. Click on “a number of her name is not visible to minutes” and choose how many minutes you want to delay the sending of your email after other recipients. you hit “Send”. Click “Finish” and you are all set! Find related messages To find related messages, right- click the message, and then on the shortcut menu, point to Find All and then click Save & Go Green with Related Messages. The Off-Lease Computer Advanced Find dialog box appears with a list of related Equipment! messages. Jog your memory with a When you are looking to purchase new computer equipment for general office needs, inquire about follow-up flag Create a the availability of off-lease desktops, laptops, servers, printers and more. Not only can we source follow-up flag as a reminder new equipment for you, but many of our customers prefer to purchase equipment that is coming off to follow up on a message. On the Actions menu, click another business’ lease. Off-lease equipment is generally in better condition than most Follow Up and click the flag “refurbished” equipment. Roughly most desktops (3.2Ghz, 1GB RAM, 40GB Hard Drive with XP color of your choice. Professional) are in the range of $325, and Laptops or Tablets with similar specs except processor of 2.0Ghz are in the range of $450-$550 depending on brand (IBM Thinkpad, Dell Latitude, Fujitsu Lifebook) and their individual components. Some systems still have a warranty. When you drive a car off the dealers lot, you lose most of the value — why not purchase a computer system with the majority of it’s cost depreciated. Buy off-lease and save big! Inquire with us for more information! “We take care of your computer networks, so you can focus on your business!” 262-782-2727 WWW.GETAIR.US.
  4. 4. Helping You Meet Your Technology Goals CONTACT US TODAY TO SET UP A TECHNOLOGY REVIEW and SEE HOW WE See what our customers say about us… CAN HELP YOU FOCUS MORE ON YOUR BUSINESS! STAFF ELECTRIC WISCRAFT “We’ve worked with AIR Technology Services “I wouldn’t know what to do without AIR 262 782 2727 for over a year. They improved the tools Technology Services, I can always count on 866 321 8324 fax available to our employees and network them to be there for me and keep our network uptime. We are now able to focus on our up and running. They have supported our business and enjoy the piece of mind that they network for the last 8 years and we have had provide for us. Additionally, they helped us incredible service from the engineers and save more than $14,000 on the selection of a staff. They are always on top of the latest new phone system, $400 each month on our technologies and know our systems inside telephone bills and tremendously improved and out. I would highly recommend them for “We take care of your computer our internet speeds. I really do appreciate the your company.” networks so you can focus attention we get and the ‘friendliness’ of their - Kelly Draves, Administrator on your business!” consultants.” - Heather Wrasman, Controller Our best clients come from referrals. We would like to reward you for sending us more clients. Send us a qualified business referral and when they become a client, you will get a gift card valued up to $100. “We take care of your computer networks so you can focus on your business!” 730 Larry Court, Suite C Waukesha, WI 53186