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Ch 9 focus


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Ch 9 focus

  1. 1. Chapter 9 Focus Sheet – Launching a New Republic Directions: Answer the following questions using the page number provided at the end Of each question. 1. What was the temporary capital of the new U.S. government? Page 277 2. Who was elected as Washington’s vice-president? Page 277 3. Who did the U.S. owe money to after the war? Page 279 4. Name the 3 parts of Hamilton’s financial plan. Page 279 5. The interpretation of the Constitution that the government has only the power that the Constitution specifically states is called________________________. Page 281 6. Define loose construction of the Constitution. Page 281 7. Threats against the U.S. came from the countries of _____________________,______________________, and ______________________. Page 282 8. Spain was a major threat to the U.S. because it controlled ___________Page 282. 9. What caused the Whiskey Rebellion? Page 284 10. The rebellion in which the French people overthrew their government in France was called__________________________________Page 285 11. Why does the U.S. stay neutral regarding the war in France? Page 286 12. Thomas Jefferson was a member of which political party? Page 288 13. Who became president after Washington? Page 289 14. __________________and _________________blamed each other for the problems that the U.S. faced during Washington and Adam’s presidencies. Page 289
  2. 2. 15. In the __________________, France tried to bribe the U.S. for ten million dollars to help them in their war efforts. Page 290 16. According to Jefferson, states had ___________________that could not be violated by the federal government. Page 291