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True Health Fitness Power Point Presentation


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I created this presentation for a business plan that I created in my Bachelor\'s program.

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True Health Fitness Power Point Presentation

  1. 1. True Health Fitness Center Marketing Plan Team 4
  2. 2. Introduction Mission Statement: • Provide exceptional healthy living options for a full range of maturity levels at competitive prices. Goals: • Provide effect training opportunities • Reduce the progression of obesityTeam #4
  3. 3. Situation and SWOT Analysis Opportunities Strengths • Develop corporate • Access to all inclusive programs to offer as fitness facility 24/7 internal marketing tool Threats Weaknesses • Existing competing • Limited availability for fitness and gyms in our market specialized servicesTeam #4
  4. 4. Marketing Objectives • Target local businesses • Adjust the marketing strategies and also target larger corporations. • Increase annual sales by 10%. • Increase saturation of market quarterly. • Continue to strengthen True Health’s image as THE premier provider of wellness programs and personal fitness.Team #4
  5. 5. Market Segmentation Strategic Alliances: Corporate Wellness:  Business will want to reduce health care costs & absenteeism and increase performance, morale and production  Begin with successful companies with good reputation  Move to all companies Individuals: Men & women All ages & races Interest to improve health, build muscle, weight/inchesTeam #4
  6. 6. Target Market Strategy • Find a niche with individual needs • Offer different and broad programs • Create a more social & fun atmosphere • Offer excellent service and safetyTeam #4
  7. 7. Marketing Mix: Product Tangibles Intangibles •Weights/fitness equipment •Exercise classes •Tanning beds •Massage therapy •Martial Arts/aerobics room •Child care centerTeam #4
  8. 8. True Health Fitness Center: Life Cycle Growth Maturity •Loyal Stage Stage customers emerge as newness wears •Newness factor off builds business quickly Introductory •Business fizzles Stage Decline in poorer Stage communities •Curiosity brings in during weak customers economiesTeam #4
  9. 9. Distribution • Extension of Strategic Alliances : – Physician Offices:  Advance specialized fitness patient program  Physician minute clinic or vaccination services – Corporate Programs:  Develop healthy living & fitness programs  In-house Corporate marketing endorsement – Community Recreational Programs:  Provide trainer services  Free endorsement of fitness center – Educational Athletic Programs:  Develop sports focused fitness programs  Discounted membership fees for studentsTeam #4
  10. 10. Distribution Inventory control is a critical process within the service industry to confirm adequate labor supply utilization. • On-line membership & appt • Time study to measure scheduling assigned workforce vs. customer flow. • Semi-annual utility cost analysis to measure peak pointsTeam #4
  11. 11. Promotion Advertising Types Sales Promotion •Flyers/mailers •Discount aerobics class •Newspapers when you bring a friend Public Relations Personal Selling •Let us help make a •Business to Business healthier, happier youTeam #4
  12. 12. PricingTeam #4
  13. 13. PricingTeam #4
  14. 14. PricingTeam #4
  15. 15. Implementation • Hire True Health Consultants • Establish Corporate Wellness Contracting • Utilize Strong Diverse Promotional Mix • Focus On Meeting Marketing ObjectivesTeam #4
  16. 16. Evaluation • Customer Satisfaction Surveys • Audit Results • Goal Accomplishments or Failures • Market ResearchTeam #4
  17. 17. Control • Monthly and Quarterly Status Reports – Market Saturation – Revenue Forecasting – Departmental Sales Totals • Proactive Approach to Management – Forecasting Tools and Projections – Consistent and Continuous Internal Auditing • Yearly and Quarterly GoalsTeam #4