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  • What’s most intriguing when you consider our audience is not just the size, but also the complexity. We connect women, men; Moms and Dads. Our members are exceedingly well educated, and also affluent. They are also represented well across the Millennials age 18-34, GenX age 35-44 and Boomer age 44-64 generations. Interestingly, we are seeing tremendous growth in our reach of Millennials, with +9% growth in unique visitors within this segment in the past year.
  • So now, let’s take a look at what our audience is actually doing on LinkedIn. We’re seeing four common use cases and people are using any combination of them at a given time. First and foremost, they’re using LinkedIn as a tool to connect and communicate. This idea of connecting is part of the original vision for LinkedIn, and certainly why millions joined in the first place. Increasingly, we’ve seen people use LinkedIn not just to connect, but to communicate with their networks. A lot of people are using LinkedIn to research people and companies. This could be looking at the profile of someone you’re about to meet with. If you’re an outbound professional, this could be for prospecting. Increasingly, this research is about that relationship with companies: When LinkedIn was founded, it was people connecting to people, but now we’ve built that up to give companies a voice – customers say if LinkedIn is about business, then they want to have that relationship with companies on the platform. Companies can now have their own page with control over brand messaging, and you can have valuable dialogue with those who follow your company. In addition to looking at companies or people on LinkedIn, members are turning to the site in order to stay more productive and informed during the work day, in their current roles. They’re looking for insights – these are coming from their home page, seeing what articles are being shared and discussed. They also have LinkedIn Today, which is our social newspaper. What makes LinkedIn Today really unique is that it’s sharing content based on what people like you (or in your industry) are reading, not just keywords in the article. That’s the difference from LinkedIn and other social platforms for social aggregation – it’s about who is sharing the information. Some portion of our members is also looking for jobs, but it’s not as much of a major use case as you might think. At any given time, only about 20% of our members are in-market to change jobs. Most members are generally more focused on the first three use cases of LinkedIn. Hopefully that gives you a better idea of not only who they are, but what our members are doing on the site.
  • LinkedIn is the only global social platform delivering marketing solutions in a business context. We have a Quality Audience: Reach the most influential, affluent and educated audiences at scale. 4.2M Corporate Executives in LinkedIn US member base.71% of LinkedIn US audience has college or post graduate degree.$86 Average house hold income.Business is the context of LinkedIn. Professionals trust LinkedIn for the professional information and insights, providing marketers with high message receptivity.You can make a marketing impact: Our social media solutions deliver compelling insights and results. Value prop for marketers… LinkedIn has the ability to precisely target quality audiences in a business context, while delivering high impact solutions for marketers and agencies. Note: data and stats can/should be customized with stats pertinent to audience and industry.
  • LI Positioning & Value Prop: High-Level, QualityReach Influential, Affluent Professionals – Option 2: QualityWe have a higher composition of business decision makers, high-income earners, and college or post-college graduates than leading business and social websites. And you can target these quality professionals by not only their seniority and education but also by their industry, company size, geography and even which LinkedIn groups they belong to
  • Objection Handling: Products“LinkedIn products are banners and buttons”LinkedIn delivers marketing solutions for every objective, any target and in a range of formats. Our platform allows you to create brand experiences through owned media (company pages, groups), attract audiences through paid media (display ads, social ads, partner messages), engage in conversations through owned and paid media (company status updates, polls) and then amplifies all these interactions through our 120+ million person network and beyond (APIs).
  • (1st Bullet) Content ads are a great way for you to display a variety content feeds within the same ad unit so that audiences can learn more about your offerings. Having multiple streams allows viewers to focus on whichever information is most appealing to them. Since information sharing is the focus, the content ads fit nicely on LinkedIn where people are trying to find solutions for doing business.(2nd Bullet) There's a lot of flexibility when it comes to the type of content marketers can share. It can take the form of tweets, blogs and anything that can be contained in an RSS feed.  ========(3rd Bullet) The beauty of content ads is that they are easy. LinkedIn works with a third party to put your content into these rich units. RSSs feed are all that’s required for a simple execution (4th Bullet) and using RSS feeds means updates happen automatically. (5th Bullet) Enjoy built-in contextual relevancy wherever your ads run and we’ll run them to your target audience based on your criteria matched to comprehensive data obtained from the professional’s profile. (6th Bullet) No matter what type of information you need to share, the Content Ad is able to flexibly fit it into either a medium rectangle or a skyscraper.
  • Generic, unbranded example which can replace slide 4 Co Status Updates are distributed at key points across LI and the web “Everywhere” is a core LI value and emphasized in everything we do Followers are genuinely interested in your brand, they are not given incentivized offers to follow (eg, “like” me to enter sweepstakes)
  • Georgetown University International: 6K followers, 3 recos
  • Edu general capabilities 10_30

    1. 1. Marketing SolutionsPresented To: EduvantisDate: 10/30/12Account Executives:Matt Richards & Janine Taormina Marketing Solutions 1
    2. 2. Eduvantis Review Clients Marketing Objectives: – Increase REACH – Extend BRAND – Increase top-line AWARENESS – Conversions Goals Challenges Marketing Solutions 2
    3. 3. LinkedIn Mission: Connect the world’sprofessionals to makethem more productive and successful. Marketing Solutions 3
    4. 4. The globally connectedprofessional network175,000,000+ UK NL 8M+ 3M+ DACHregistered members (as of July 2012) 3M+ France 3M+ Italy Canada Spain 3M+ 5M+ Europe 2M+ USA 35M+ 61M+ India 14M+ Brazil Australia 7M+ 2.9M + Marketing Solutions 4
    5. 5. We connect people across a wide range of demographics 45% women 55% men Educated: 55% college grad or above * Affluent: 49% HHI $75K+ 33% HHI $100K+ 27% Millennial A18-34 44% are parents 24% GenX A35-44 38% Boomers A45-64Source: comScore, November 2011. * @plan, Rels 4, 2011. Marketing Solutions 5
    6. 6. And they use LinkedIn for many purposes Connect & 76% Network with other professionals Communicate 40% Let others know what I’m up to Research People & 62% Learn about what other colleagues are doing Companies 43% Learn more about a company Professional Insights 46% Stay up to date on industry discussions 72% Maintain professional identity Manage Career 37% Look for jobs As of March 2012 Marketing Solutions 6
    7. 7. Social Media Environment Matters Quality Audience Business Context Marketing Impact Reach the most influential, affluent Promotes trust and Delivers compelling insights and and educated audiences at scale message receptivity results with social media solutions 4.2M 2x +10 Corporate Executives on more confident in info found on shift in Net Promoter Score as a LinkedIn. 150M members and LinkedIn than other social sites2 result of leveraging LinkedIn3 growing1 1 Internal LinkedIn data (US), March 2012 2 LinkedIn Audience 360 Survey (US), August 2011 3 Global computer manufacturer Marketing Solutions 7
    8. 8. Reach Influential, Affluent Professionals Quality Audience Business Context Marketing Impact Business Decision Makers Comp LinkedIn 26.7% Target By NY… 24.1%  Profession Faceb… 15.8%  Seniority  Education  Industry HHI $100K+  Company Size  Geography Comp  Group Membership LinkedIn 34.4% NY… 31.9% Faceb… 20.0% Source: The Nielsen Company @Plan, US Adults age 18+, Rel 3 2011 Marketing Solutions 8
    9. 9. LinkedIn combines social media solutions that deliver compelling insights and results.Create AttractExperiences Audience • Content Ads• Company Page • Social Ads• Groups • Partner MessagesAmplify thru Engage inNetwork Conversation• Network Update • Polls Status • Groups• Company Followers • Company Status• API/Web Plug-Ins Updates Marketing Solutions 9
    10. 10. LinkedIn’s Marketing SolutionsMarketing Solutions 10
    11. 11. Marketing Solutions 11
    12. 12. Marketing Solutions 12
    13. 13. Marketing Solutions 13
    14. 14. LinkedIn Content AdsNew optional format for video feeds • • • Marketing Solutions 14
    15. 15. InMail Messages    Marketing Solutions 15
    16. 16.     Marketing Solutions 16
    17. 17. University Company Pages & Follower EcosystemMarketing Solutions 17
    18. 18.    Marketing Solutions 18
    19. 19. Homepage Georgetown University is announcing a new Accounting Program. Profile Like (5) • Comment • ShareXYZco Loremipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturadipiscingelit.Maurisrhoncusscelerisqueporttitor. Fusceviverrajustofermentum dolor volutpat.Like (5) • Comment • Share Mobile Website 55% of LinkedIn members will follow a company “forever”.1 45% of members want weekly updates.1 LinkedIn Survey (n=363), US and Canada, October 2011 Marketing Solutions 19
    20. 20. Over 900 Education Companies sent Status Updates in 30 days Over 100 sent more than 10LinkedIn Internal Data as of July 2012 for higher education & education management industries Marketing Solutions 20
    21. 21. INSEAD: Successfully using the follower ecosystem Objective Engage potential candidates and differentiate programme using advocacy Solution Targeted social ads  Follow ads  Recommendation ads Results 19,800 followers /2 months 435 recommendationsMarketing Solutions 21
    22. 22. London Business School: Intelligently using content and relevant messaging Objective Drive awareness and perception of LBS using relevant content and highly targeted direct messaging Solution  Targeted display  Content ads  InMail Results 85% open rate on InMail 0.1% CTR on targeted display 8% engagement rate on content adMarketing Solutions 22
    23. 23. Marketing Solutions 23