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Android Magazin June 2012


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Damson Cisor BT5 reviewed in Android Magazine (UK Edition)

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Android Magazin June 2012

  1. 1. Accessories Accessories Packing a punch These items may be small, but Essential products for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus they’re still quality products “Adding an extra 250mAh it will give you Otone Accento a couple of hours extra Editor’s choice » Price £29.99 » Web This portable speaker has a grille which encompasses talktime ” its entire front, while having a metallic rim and plastic back with a built-in stand. Sound quality is good, and its size means you’ll be able to take it everywhere with Cisor BT5 you, carrying it place to place with the handy wrist strap attached to the rear. A small speaker that offers big sounds The Cisor BT5 is a vibration speaker which when The speaker connects to your device through the attached to any surface, immediately turns them in microUSB cable and full USB cables that are to a clear and crisp speaker. The bottom plate of provided, or you can connect via Bluetooth instead. the Cisor can have an additional suction cup It may seem a bit pricey, but the Cisor BT5 has attached to it making it possible to stick the plenty of things going in its favour. And for these speaker in a variety of other places. reasons, if you’re on the lookout for a vibration You won’t find an inch of plastic on the Cisor, as speaker, this should be your first choice. the whole thing is kitted out in a nice brushed Quicksand Rock case » Price £99.95 aluminium casing which makes it definitely look the » More information for Xperia Arc part. It’s heavy when compared to other vibration » Price £21.95 » Web speakers on the market, but the sound that The Rock case is a great fit around the back of the emanates through it makes it worthwhile. Xperia Arc, with all holes for ports cut out well. The case is resistant to scratches and marks, but does have a slightly grainy feel to it which may put some people off. The selection of colours is limited to purple and black. Group test winner Sony Ericsson Car Kit Get to your destination Kenzo hard case for Galaxy S II » Price £19.95/$26.95 » Web It’s all about style when it comes to the Kenzo series safely with this car kit of cases. This hard case has a floral design on top of Desktop Proporta Dibber Battery Extended This official branded car kit from (the now a purple background with the Kenzo logo planted Dock Stylus Charger Stand Battery Kit disbanded) Sony Ericsson is purpose-built for its popular Xperia S, but can be adjusted and right in the middle of it. As a cover, it fits the Galaxy S II well, but it’s a little too thin to offer any real » Price £39.99/$52 » Price £8.95/$13.95 » Price £14.99/$24 » Price £27.95/$44 modified to fit pretty much any Android phone of protection from the world. » More information » More information » More information » More information your choosing. The kit is entirely made up of plastic, with a This dock comes with a full HDMI The Dibber swipes through the With its plastic-based design, this The Extended Battery Kit contains a strong suction cup at the bottom. The holder port, allowing users to connect their Nexus’s many screens easily, and is charger and stand combo isn’t the slightly larger battery for the Nexus, itself can be adjusted with a small lever on the phone directly to their TV, allowing for the perfect size to pinpoint app most aesthetically pleasing as well as a replacement battery side, but it can be a bit of a struggle to get some full video streaming. An HDMI cable icons, while its sturdy rubber nib product. Your device can be put in cover. Adding an extra 250mAh, it phones to be 100 per cent secure. Both the side Aponyo Duo stylus isn’t supplied, but the idea is great. remained scuff-free after some either landscape or portrait will give you a couple of hours extra holders, and the two prongs at the bottom are » Price £14.99 » Web Charging through a USB cable, which frantic gaming. The Dibber’s orientation, depending on your talktime. The backplate fits great cushioned to stop any scratches or scuffs from If you’re looking for a small and dainty stylus to use is packed within the box, works a lightweight plastic body feels a bit preference. Lifting the lid of the and uses the same matte design as appearing on the device. on your smartphone or tablet, then this offering from treat, if not a little too short. The cheap when compared to a similarly plastic box will reveal a handy the stock backplate. It’s currently It’s easy to attach the car kit to either the Aponyo won’t be for you. It’s thick and has a good dock itself is solid and has a good priced stylus. Its small size makes it storage place for your phone’s only available in black, so dashboard or windscreen of your vehicle, and weight to it, while also doubling up as a ballpoint » Price £29.99/$47.99 feel to it. The Nexus clips on well, and portable, but also means people battery, allowing you to charge it unfortunately, white devices will even comes with a car charger if your device pen. The fibre nib worked really well on every » More information above all, it does its job. with bigger hands may struggle. with a microUSB cable. have to wait a little longer. starts to run out of battery. If you’re an owner of capacitive screen we tried it on. a Sony Xperia device, and you’re also a regular driver, then this kit will be perfect for you. 92 93090-093_AND_012.indd 92-93 11/06/2012 16:33