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“Providing progress, stability,and dedication to disadvantage communities across America.”                                ...
Consumers are our business                                                           Our staff assist consumers that quali...
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Cios Brochure 2011


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Cios Brochure 2011

  1. 1. “Providing progress, stability,and dedication to disadvantage communities across America.” Community Insurance Outreach Community Insurance Services Outreach Services Community Insurance Outreach Services CIOS Community Insurance Outreach Providing progress, stability, andServices of Ohio is a social service dedication to disadvantagenon-profit organization, that communities across America.”provide community basedprograms and initiatives sponsoredprimarily by the insurance Community Insuranceindustries to disadvantage Outreach Servicescommunities. We provideinsurance related assistance & 330-707-5590resources such as on-sitecatastrophic assistance, claims ciosatl@hotmail.comsupport, training & career www.cios2011.orgplacement.Please visit www.CIOS2011.orgor call 330-707-5590 Tomeka Kimbrough 330-707-5590
  2. 2. Consumers are our business Our staff assist consumers that qualify by utilizing licensed insurance agents to act as authorized representatives to ensure that the client receives all benefits and coverage’s, “Providing progress, stability, coordinating healthcare with facilities and and dedication to disadvantage providers, and advocate for services needed or communities across America.” are entitled to receive based on their individual needs. Our agents’ professional experience provides clients with sound independent decision making, which leads to coordinated healthcare choices. Our services are Programs we offer confidential and protected by the laws of the state of Ohio.  “Insurance Literacy” CIOS of Youngstown “Community based programs designed & operated by the Seminars at public libraries (check your localAbout Us community it serves. Insurance industry sponsored initiative library)We have been servicing the insurance industry for Outreach partnerships with other non-profits. Servicesover 15 years with our core focus in healthcareand life insurance. Our staff has assisted in the roll based on community needs which provide superior  Claims Assistanceout of C.H.I.P.S. and Medicare PDP/Advantage satisfactionplans by working with government sponsored  Career Placement &HMOs across America and sold life, property, and Employment Trainingcommercial insurance products. ”  “Ladies First” domesticThru our years of experience and research, CIOSdiscovered that there are obstacles that Ohio...Let’s Start Here!!! violence housing programconsumers are faced with when obtaininginsurance and one of the major problem isunderstanding coverage’s and benefits becausemany consumers do not possess the basicknowledge of insurance language and jargon andbecause of this, many consumers make poorinsurance choices. Some choices leads topremature death or disability. We offer services to employers and business thru our partner JTA Agency.