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3006a 0809 P1 Jsychan


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Photo Essay using the Pecha Kucha method on Parks in our Community. For Design & Information Archetecture class.

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3006a 0809 P1 Jsychan

  1. 1. PARKS IN OUR COMMUNITY a photo essay by jessica s.y. chan | david gelb fa/ysdn 3006 fall 08
  2. 2. vs. Hmm...wood chips vs. spongy concrete something to think about!
  3. 3. WELCOME to the Class Wiki for Design and Information Architecture YSDN 3006
  4. 4. >
  5. 5. WEBSITE: WIKISPACES: “Read Me!” “Participate!”
  6. 6. New Equipment: An Outdoor Oven Result: Events for the Community!
  7. 7. (the late) Jutta Mason Jamie Bell Dufferin Grove Park Jamie Bell Playground
  8. 8. Ashton Meadows Park in Markham
  9. 9. A GOOD START!
  10. 10. WHAT MORE CAN WE DO?