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Redis Applied Design Patterns


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This book is for developers who are already proficient in programming and capable of designing systems using traditional databases but are new to Redis. It is assumed that you understand the basics of Redis and are familiar with the various data structures. You are also expected to be proficient in one or more programming languages through which you want to use Redis.

What you will learn from this book:

– Get introduced to the NoSQL way of thinking
– Use Pub/Sub to implement a notification system
– Explore various data structures in Redis including HyperLogLog
– Understand simple use cases such as the cache management system
– Use Redis in analytics and real-time tracking
– Implement a leader board in gaming using sorted sets
– Implement a commenting system using Redis and code samples

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Redis Applied Design Patterns

  1. 1. Redis Applied Design Patterns Copyright © 2014 Packt Publishing All right s reserved. No part of t his book may be reproduced, st ored in a ret rieval syst em, or t ransmit t ed in any form or by any means, w it hout t he prior w rit t en permission of t he publisher, except in t he case of brief quot at ions embedded in crit ical art icles or review s. Every effort has been made in t he preparat ion of t his book t o ensure t he accuracy of t he informat ion present ed. How ever, t he informat ion cont ained in t his book is sold w it hout w arrant y, eit her express or implied. Neit her t he aut hor, nor Packt Publishing, and it s dealers and dist ribut ors w ill be held liable for any damages caused or alleged t o be caused direct ly or indirect ly by t his book. Packt Publishing has endeavored t o provide t rademark informat ion about all of t he companies and product s ment ioned in t his book by t he appropriat e use of capit als. How ever, Packt Publishing cannot guarant ee t he accuracy of t his informat ion. First published: Sept ember 2014 Product ion reference: 1160914 Published by Packt Publishing Lt d. Livery Place 35 Livery St reet Birmingham B3 2PB, UK. ISBN 978- 1- 78328- 671- 3 w w w .packt
  2. 2. Credits Author Arun Chinnachamy Reviewers Thorst en Böt t ger Chad Lung Andrea Pavoni Jaspal Singh Commissioning Editor Pramila Balan Acquisition Editors Nikhil Chinnari Kevin Colaco Content Development Editor Arvind Koul Technical Editor Ankit a Thakur Copy Editors Janbal Dharmaraj St ut i Srivast ava Project Coordinators Neha Bhat nagar Melit a Lobo Proofreaders Simran Bhogal Bernadet t e Wat kins Indexer Hemangini Bari Production Coordinator Komal Ramchandani Cover Work Komal Ramchandani
  3. 3. About the Author Arun Chinnachamy is a developer and syst ems archit ect w ho focuses on building soft w are applicat ions. He is a mult ifacet ed programmer w ho has gained experience in mult iple t echnologies and programming languages over t he years, ranging from ADA and C# t o PHP. Current ly, he w orks as t he t echnology head at MySmart Price, one of t he leading online shopping discovery plat forms in India.
  4. 4. About the Reviewers Thorsten Böttger is a senior soft w are developer from Hamburg, Germany. He loves coding in all kinds of languages, mainly using Ruby. Besides t hat , he speaks at conferences about his w ork, plays t he guit ar, and also enjoys phot ography. He loves coffee and t alking about geography and hist ory. Thorst en has w orked on many project s in Germany and New Zealand, from st art - ups t o ent erprises, and somet imes spiking (t iny) project s as w ell. He and his t eam have w on t he Rails Rumble aw ard for t he Most Useful Applicat ion in 2010. He has review ed various books in t he past , covering t opics such as Java, Spring, Hibernat e, and Ruby on Rails. Chad Lung is a cloud engineer in t he EMC Rubicon Cloud Services Group. Current ly, he is an act ive OpenSt ack cont ribut or and has over 17 years of indust ry experience in various roles. Originally born in Canada, he moved t o t he Unit ed St at es in 1997 and began his soft w are engineering career w it h full force. He has w orked w it h various t echnologies and w it h large cloud- based companies such as Rackspace and EMC. Chad has t hree boys and lives w it h his w ife in San Ant onio, Texas. Andrea Pavoni is a passionat e It alian programmer. He's most ly focused on w eb and mobile development , alw ays looking for t he best t ools available. In his 15- year career, Andrea has had t he opport unit y t o w ork in several IT fields such as government s and big company brands. Andrea current ly w orks at Cant iere Creat ivo, a 12- year- old Florent ine company, an agile- orient ed w eb agency and part ner in various st art - ups. Somet imes, Andrea post s on his blog and loves t o experiment w it h new t ools and languages, releasing t hem as open source w henever possible. He is also an act ive member of t he It alian Ruby communit y. He has helped in t he organizat ion of past Ruby Day edit ions and also coached at t he first It alian Rails Girls event in Rome. Jaspal Singh is a t echnology evangelist w it h decades of professional experience in t he IT sect or. Jaspal has hands- on as w ell as st rat egic- level experience of w orking on t he lat est leading- edge t echnologies such as PHP, Solr, Redis, Node.js, and MongoDB. Jaspal has also been a fairly act ive t ech ent repreneur w it h engagement s in many w eb applicat ions and port als. In his spare t ime, Jaspal likes t o read and keep abreast of t he lat est t echnologies and t rends in t he IT space. Jaspal has expert ise in building ent erprise scale applicat ions w it h high availabilit y and scalable real- t ime product ion syst ems delivering high performance. Jaspal can be added as professional cont act on ht t p://w w w ech and you may e-mail him at <>.
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