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Module 3012 selecting features


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Module 3012 selecting features

  1. 1. Module 3012 assignment 3 Video clips on selecting single andmultiple features and exporting them to creat new map layers
  2. 2. This presentation contains two YouTube video clips• Clip 1: Selecting individual features using the select features button, and creating a new map layer from those selected features• Clip 2: Selecting multiple features by their location, using another layer to define that location.
  3. 3. Clip 1: follows this slide• It is assumed you have worked through the first set of video clips. This one shows how to select one or more features by clicking on them and then exporting the selected features to create a new layer in your map• Clip 2 follows clip 1 and you can go straight to it by clicking the advance button below without watching clip 1
  4. 4. Clip 2: follows this slide• In this clip we look at how we use features on one layer, such as a road or path, to select features on another layer, using the select features by location menu choice. This allows us to use several map layers interactively to create a new layer of features of interest.