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Assignment 3 second set of videos


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Assignment 3 second set of videos

  1. 1. Assignment 3: ArcMAP training video clips, collection 2 Second stage: Using a tool, creating a toolbox and building a simple model to use the tool multiple times
  2. 2. This presentation contains two video clips• The first clip, after this slide, shows you how to use one tool, the select features tool. You will eventually use many of the tools, which are found in the same way• (Click the right arrow below to go forward to the second clip at any time)
  3. 3. Second video follows this slide• The second clip shows how to create your own tool box, and how to create a simple model which uses the select features tool. Having this module allows you to reuse the tool as often as you like.
  4. 4. No more clips in this slideshow