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01.13.12 WDPSD Wiki In-service Presentation


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Getting Wild with Wiki's
Created by: Jennifer Swanson

Published in: Education, Technology
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01.13.12 WDPSD Wiki In-service Presentation

  1. 1. Brought To You By:Mrs. Swanson, Ms. Faase, Mrs. Bain
  2. 2.  (n.) This is a website that includes the collaboration of work from many different authors. A wiki site allows anyone to edit, delete, or modify the content on the web The world’s best known wiki is Want to learn more? Visit wikipedia! Wiki’s in Plain English
  3. 3.  The first wiki was called WikiWikiWeb. The wiki name was derived from a bus in Hawaii and means “fast” in Hawaiian On March 15, 2007, the word wiki was added to the online Oxford English Dictionary
  4. 4. cc licensed flickr photo shared by langwitches
  5. 5.  A typical wiki combines text, files, images, hyperlinks, and other media related to its topic. Comments from other people
  6. 6.  Site Security ◦ Anyone can edit the pages (Unless by invite only) Credibility of authors Legal liabilities and other often unforeseen consequences. ◦ The release of confidential information.
  7. 7.  Do not share your password Never offer any personal information Never post inappropriate pictures Assume what you publish on the Web is permanent. ◦ Anyone that belongs to your wiki can easily print out a wiki page or save it to a computer. Use wiki provider sites with clearly stated terms of use ◦ Make sure there is password protection Keep wiki’s positive and dont use them for slander or to attack others.
  8. 8.  Mrs. Bain’s 1st Grade Class Ms. Faase’s 3rd Grade Class Mrs. Swanson’s 8th Grade Class Mr. Slowinski’s 10th Grade Class
  9. 9. CONTACT US!Jennifer Swanson Chelsea Faase Mary Bain