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Direct enrollment form dm and package stuffer


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Direct enrollment form dm and package stuffer

  1. 1. Turned On? Now Turn It Up with Zoom! TV Take the Zoom! National Consumer Campaign to the next level . . .Yours! • Personalize it with your contact information • Customize it with your offer • Localize it with your own media plan discus marketing Services and Spot Runner bring the power of television directly to you. it’s easy and affordable! As part of our CDA “sneak peek” launch, we’ll customize the ad for you for free!* (A $499 value.) To speak with an expert consultant call Spot Runner at 877-287-2793 or e-mail us at *ThRough may 18, 2007. PRomo Code CdaTV0705 ConTaCT name PRaCTiCe name ConTaCT Phone numbeR beST Time To CaLL ConTaCT e-maiL addReSS PRaCTiCe ZiP Code diSCuS aCCounT numbeR discus dental flyer-03.indd 1 5/2/07 5:54:37 PM