Nursing Education In 3 D Leveraging Virtual World


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This was presented at the 4th Annual Distinguished Lectureship on Diversity in Nursing: Diversity in a Virtual World, the Transformation of Nursing Education, Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, NJ, May 15, 2009 by John Miller RN, MN and Cathy Walker.

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Nursing Education In 3 D Leveraging Virtual World

  1. 1. Nursing Education in 3D— Leveraging Virtual Worlds and Immersive Learning Simulations John Miller and Cathy Walker TESC SON Lectureship May 15, 2009
  2. 2. World Interaction 1. Second Life Evergreen Island 2. Live virtual world interaction with people in the US as well as worldwide. 3. 70,000 simultaneous users 4. 1.4 million accounts logins last 60 days 5. Music, the arts, science, literature, corporate, non-profit, higher education Live demonstration in 3D virtual world
  3. 3. Create, own, buy objects. 1. Linden currency is real money but L1000=$4. Most things are cheaper than real life (RL). 2. Modify image or avatar. 3. Personalize avatar 4. Shopping for clothes, shapes, skin, hair, animations, houses, etc 5. Basic building by most avatars 6. Complex building by skilled builders, scriptors, and animators
  4. 4. Medical support groups 1. Many medical support groups in Second Life ( 2. Students and medical professionals can interact and contribute. Live demonstration in 3D virtual world
  5. 5. Patient Simulation 1. Interactive objects for assessments, medications and other treatments 2. Single or group 3. Programmed robot avatar as patient 4. Training for students and faculty 5. Recorded interactions 6. Demonstration mode for faculty 7. Real time communication Live demonstration in 3D virtual world
  6. 6. Educational Collaboration 1. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2. Community Colleges in Second Life Live demonstration in 3D virtual world
  7. 7. Non-profit groups 1. Virtual Ability 2. American Cancer Society 3. Alliance Library System Live demonstration in 3D virtual world
  8. 8. What others are doing. Virtual Worlds 1. Forterra 2. BreakAway 3. Virtual Heroes, Zero Hour, Healthcare 4. RealXtend Virtual demonstration
  9. 9. Future Trends 1. Education 2. Healthcare 3. Business 4. Arts 5. Life
  10. 10. Contact MUVErs, LLC: 1. Presentation slides 2. Video links 3. Blog links 4. Email 5. Skype, ooVoo 6. Second Life avatars John Miller, Co-founder of MUVErs and nursing faculty at Tacoma Community College, Tacoma, WA USA, http://www. Cathy Walker, Co-founder of MUVErs, faculty and technology director, St. Vincent de Paul, Rogers, AR USA