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Build Microsoft Teams Apps with Teams App Studio


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Build Microsoft Teams Apps with Teams App Studio

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Build Microsoft Teams Apps with Teams App Studio

  1. 1. Build Microsoft Teams Apps with Teams App Studio
  2. 2. • Microsoft Teams • Microsoft Teams Walkthrough – Demo • Microsoft Teams App • Teams App Studio • What can App Studio do for you? • Installing App Studio • App Studio Walkthrough – Demo • Build Tab for your Teams – Demo Agenda
  3. 3. Microsoft Teams
  4. 4. Demo 1 Microsoft Teams Walkthrough
  5. 5. Microsoft Teams App Tabs Surface rich content within Team Bots Interact with users naturally through chat Connectors Post notification into team channels Messaging Extensions Allow to share contents from chat
  6. 6. Web based rich contents straights into the channels Use Cases • Dashboards • Detailed Pages • Consoles Tabs
  7. 7. Manage two way conversation Connects with Microsoft Bot Framework Use Cases • Find documents • Query data Bots
  8. 8. Post updates and messages into channels Incoming Webhooks Use case • Notifications • News Connectors
  9. 9. Query for information from your service and post that information, in the form of cards Use Cases • Survey • Customer support tickets • Images and media content Managing Extensions
  10. 10. Teams App Studio was created to simplify and streamline the process of creating real apps. App Studio does not produce functional code for your app, or host your app. Teams App Studio
  11. 11. Creating, storing and managing app Manifest through simple forms Designing and previewing Cards Integrating Teams-styled component into teams Web UI control library Searching for documentation and blog post via chat What can App Studio do for you?
  12. 12. Installing App Studio
  13. 13. • Conversation • Bot to search for documentation • Manifest Editor • Enable to create manifest • Card Editor • Create cards and send via chats • Control Library • This tab is a showcase of the Microsoft Teams UI Controls library. App Studio Walkthrough
  14. 14. Demo 2 App Studio Walkthrough
  15. 15. Demo 2 Build Tab for your Teams
  16. 16. Questions and Answers
  17. 17. Thank You www.Suhail.Cloud @SuhailCloud