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Be a Modern SharePoint Developer


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It was pleasure speaking at "Office 365 Developer Bootcamp which held on 1st of December 2018. The title is "Be a Modern SharePoint Developer"

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Be a Modern SharePoint Developer

  1. 1. Be a Modern SharePoint Developer
  2. 2. About Me Suhail Jamaldeen Consultant & Trainer – Office 365 | SharePoint Microsoft MVP – Office Apps & Services Speaker Blogger – www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud
  3. 3. • SharePoint PnP community • SharePoint Web Parts on Microsoft Teams • Microsoft Graph for SharePoint Online • Office 365 CLI • Online resources Agenda
  4. 4. • SharePoint PnP is a community driven open source initiative. • Microsoft and external community members are involved in sharing their learning's around implementation practices for SharePoint and Office 365. • This community controls SharePoint development • Documentation • Samples • reusable controls • and other relevant open-source initiatives SharePoint PnP community
  5. 5. Community call When Description Monthly community call Second Tuesday of each month at 8:00 AM PT / 4:00 PM GMT Monthly community call covering the latest changes in SharePoint development-related topics within the last month, including news, UserVoice updates, and community contributions Special interest group call for SharePoint Framework Bi-weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 AM PT / 3:00 PM GMT SharePoint Engineering updates, SharePoint Framework, PnPJS, Office 365 CLI, and reusable SPFx controls Special interest group call for general SharePoint development Bi-weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 AM PT / 3:00 PM GMT SharePoint Engineering updates, end-to-end solution designs, provisioning, PnP CSOM, and PnP PowerShell Community calls
  6. 6. PnPJS • PnPJS is a fluent JavaScript API for consuming SharePoint and Office 365 REST APIs • Works well with both TypeScript and JavaScript PnP-PowerShell • The commands use a combination of CSOM and REST behind the scenes • Works with both SharePoint Online as SharePoint On-Premises PnP Libraries
  7. 7. Starts with SharePoint Framework 1.7 (Announced in MS Ignite) Hosted within SharePoint without any need for external services. Not available generally as on 30th November 2018 (currently in preview) SharePoint Web Parts on Microsoft Teams
  8. 8. SharePoint API in Microsoft Graph supports the following core scenarios: • Access to SharePoint sites, lists, and drives (document libraries) • Read-only support for site resources (no ability to create new sites) • Read-write support for lists, listItems, and driveItems • Address resources by SharePoint ID, URL, or relative path Microsoft Graph for SharePoint Online
  9. 9. import { graph } from "@pnp/graph"; enables SharePoint solutions to communicate with Graph Api
  10. 10. • Office 365 CLI is an open-source project driven by the SharePoint Patterns and Practices initiative. • Publicly available on November 2017 • Office 365 CLI cross-platform command-line interface that you can use on any platform no matter if they use Windows, macOS or Linux. Office 365 CLI
  11. 11. • The project is built and managed publicly on GitHub at and accepts community contributions. • Office 365 CLI is not PnP-PowerShell
  12. 12. Prerequisites • Node.js (Node.js versions 6 and higher, recommended Node.js LTS) The Office 365 CLI is distributed as an NPM package. To use it, install it globally using: Installing Office 365 CLI
  13. 13. Immersive mode • Office 365 CLI will start a new command prompt where you can directly interact with it and its commands. • Office365 • o365 Non-immersive mode • In this way, each CLI command must be prepended with office365 or o365 • Eg. o365 spo list list --webUrl <url> Start the CLI
  14. 14. • Each command in the Office 365 CLI comes with help describing the command's purpose • Basic Help • Eg. o365 help spo list get • Complete Help • Eg. o365 spo list get --help Navigating through Help
  15. 15. < > Required options [ ] Optional option Required and optional command options
  16. 16. Connect to SharePoint Online • spo connect <url> • Retrieve all the lists in a site • spo list list --webUrl <url> • Create a modern site • spo site add --title “SharePoint Sri Lanka" --alias spsl • More: Commands
  17. 17. • All the commands will be can present the output as plain- text or as JSON • --output json • –o text Office 365 CLI output mode
  18. 18. <service> disconnect • • Disconnect from an Office 365 service Reference
  19. 19. • Documentation and guidance from PnP Community - • SharePoint Developer Community – PnP YouTube Channel Online resources
  20. 20. Questions and Answers
  21. 21. Thank You www.Suhail.Cloud @SuhailCloud