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  1. 1. Graduate Assistantships JSU Center for University Scholars Policies for Faculty Supervisors
  2. 2. Eligible ApplicantsFull-Time Tenure-Track JSU FacultyPreferred Applicants Pursuing Productive Research Agendas Implementing Course Innovations or Re-Designs Engaged in Interdisciplinary Teaching Collaborations
  3. 3. What It IncludesPayment for Graduate Assistant Work $8/hour for master’s students or $10/hour for doctoral students Students may work a maximum of 20 hours per week.It does not include a tuition waiver or tuition assistance.
  4. 4. Application and Approval ProcessComplete an online request for a JSUCUS-funded graduate assistantship. Graduate assistantships are not automatically renewed.Wait for approval of that request from the Center’s director. This is not an approval for the student to work.
  5. 5. Application and Approval ProcessDesignate a student to fill the GA position. The student must be enrolled in at least nine semester hours of courses pursuing a JSU graduate degree to be eligible (even in the summer). Upon approval, a supervisor will be notified how many GA positions (usually 1) have been awarded.
  6. 6. Application and Approval ProcessNext, the designated student should Complete the online student information form. Print and complete the State Withholding Exemption Certificate and W-4 Form. Make an appointment with Ms. Louise Vaughn (ext. 6949) to complete remaining paperwork.
  7. 7. Application and Approval ProcessNext, the designated student should Bring to the appointment (1) a copy of a state-issued form of ID (i.e. drivers license, passport, JSU ID, etc.), (2) original Social Security card or birth certificate, (3) copy of current class schedule, (4) a copy of his/her resume/CV and (5) completed copies of the State Withholding Exemption Certificate and W-4 Form.
  8. 8. Application and Approval ProcessDuring the appointment, Ms. Vaughn will prepare and print a student personnel action form and the Employment Eligibility Form (I-9). It should be signed by the student and the faculty supervisor and returned to the Center.
  9. 9. Application and Approval ProcessThe Center for University Scholars will notify via e-mail the student and faculty supervisor that the student’s contract has been approved.The student cannot work before this final notification is received. He/she may not be paid for those hours.
  10. 10. Approving Student TimesheetsJSU uses a web-based timekeeping system.First, the student enters his/her time during the work period and sends that time to the supervisor.Second, the supervisor approves that time.
  11. 11. Approving Student Timesheets1. Go to Click the JSU P.A.W.S. menu item.
  12. 12. Approving Student Timesheets 2. Log in using your J# and PIN. 3. From the main menu, choose “Employee.” 4. From the “Employee” screen, choose "Time Sheet.”
  13. 13. Approving Student Timesheets4. On the "Time Reporting Selection" screen, choose the link for “Proxy Set Up.” (First-Time Only)5. On the "Proxy Set Up" screen, choose the correct name. Click add. Click save. (First-Time Only)
  14. 14. Approving Student Timesheets7. On the "Time Reporting Selection" screen, select "Approve or Acknowledge Time," choose "Act as Proxy," choose the correct supervisor name and click the select button.
  15. 15. Approving Student Timesheets8. On the "Approver Selection" screen, choose the unit and pay period to review. Click select.9. To view a students time sheet, click the hyperlinked name of the student. Scroll down and click approve if correct.  You can also add a comment and return the timesheet to the student if it incorrect. (Choose “Add Comment,” type a comment and save on the resulting screen. Then select “Return for Correction.” If it is returned, the faculty supervisor must notify the graduate assistant.)
  16. 16. Approving Student Timesheets
  17. 17. Approving Student TimesheetsThe deadline for students to submit time for your approval is the 2nd work day of the following month. However, they can record hours throughout the work period.The deadline for faculty supervisors to approve time is the 3rd work day of the following month.
  18. 18. Approving Student TimesheetsSee the JSU Business and Finance presentation for detailed information about the time approval process.If you cannot view or approve time for your GA, contact the Center as soon as possible. Doing so avoids the retroactive timesheet process and missed paychecks for the GA.
  19. 19. Retroactive TimesheetsIf a retroactive timesheet has to be completed, contact the Center for University Scholars immediately for assistance.
  20. 20. Dismissing Graduate AssistantsTermination requires written notice to the assistant and to the Center.Upon notification, the Center will process a contract termination.Graduate assistants cannot be swapped or substituted without completing the student contract process via the Center.
  21. 21. Contact the CenterIf you have questions or concerns about these policies, please contact the Center. 601 979-6949
  22. 22. Apply for the Graduate AssistantshipClick here to apply for a graduate assista