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Published in: Technology, Business
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Design show.ppt

  1. 1. Graphic Design
  2. 2. 1 BRANDING This visual system defines and articulates who we are and what we do with a visual language that transcends vocabulary, culture, and customer segments. Design matters.
  3. 3. By consistently embracing and applying a system, we can build a compelling visual experience that will shape customer perceptions and increase recognition, loyalty, and, the value of the Brand. .
  4. 5. fonts color palette COLOR NAME
  5. 6. 2 IMAGES . How will the graphics help the users finish a task? Graphics are used to support or illustrate the user's task rather than to compete with or distract from the task. Be aware of your creativity needs.
  6. 7. Design That Attracts Confusing Graphic
  7. 8. A professional in-house photographer has a lot to offer a business. Having great, top-notch photos taken of merchandise, staff, your business location, etc. can be incredibly valuable. The best images possible.
  8. 9. Traditionally, the role of graphic designers is to translate information for a target audience using signs and symbols. You can use an icon anywhere you would use a word label: to activate menus, to perform actions, to select tools, to toggle between modes, to manipulate windows, to point to items on the screen, to reveal the state of the data and allow it to be changed, to represent files and directories and disks, and to provide a way to delete unneeded items. We communicate through symbols.
  9. 10. 3 JOB AIDES Job aids are performance support tools used on the job that are succinct, step-by-step descriptions of how to do a task. They specify what to do, how to do it, and to what standards it should be done. Visual language.
  10. 11. Flow charts are easy-to-understand diagrams showing how steps in a process fit together. This makes them useful tools for communicating how processes work, and for clearly documenting how a particular job is done. Using ADDIE and a flowchart.
  11. 12. 5 STYLES Just as paragraph and character style sheets speed up text formatting, the sytle features can speed up formatting layouts. With styles, you can create and apply graphical and frame-level styles in addition to text styles, and the combination gives you great control over layouts with elements that need a consistent look. Creative solutions.
  12. 13. drop shadows behaviors and commands
  13. 14. 6 LAYOUT The basis of any training course is its graphic layout. The design of an attractive course layout is the most important part of the design portion of the project. Having a graphic layout, it's possible to create a HTML template and then a complete course with a consistent look and feel. The art of getting the breakthrough design.
  14. 15. Web site templates are web designs, which can be easily manipulated to maintain your company’s branding. .
  15. 16. 7 DESIGN RESEARCH One of the many stages involved in producing a work of graphic design or web design is undertaking research. Concept development.
  16. 17. The act of visually translating verbal data entails employing emotive aesthetics—images, graphics, colors, typefaces, visual treatments—from one’s reservoir of cultural experiences and knowledge. Idea exploration.
  17. 18. research other company’s designs books
  18. 19. 7 SOFTWARE New software needed. Making the creativity work.
  19. 20. Adobe® Bridge CS3 is a powerful, easy-to-use media manager for visual people, letting you easily organize, browse, locate, and view creative assets. Available in all six editions of Adobe Creative Suite® 3 software and all professional Adobe creative applications, Bridge provides centralized access to project files, applications, and settings, as well as XMP metadata tagging and searching capabilities. Expand your creative capabilities.
  20. 21. illustrator photoshop
  21. 22. advanced workshops online and book tutorials
  22. 23. 8 The power of concept realization.
  23. 24. James Sturman 623-266-1118