EFX RWJF Games to Generate Data Challenge


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The EnduringFX application to the RWJF Games to Generate Data Challenge!

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EFX RWJF Games to Generate Data Challenge

  1. 1. RWJF Games to Generate Data Challenge Application(Rev. Feb. 21, 2013)EnduringFX in a tweet (140 characters)EnduringFX is a community fitness system that transforms parks, pools, fitness centers & open spaces into digital,interactive playgrounds.What’s new, interesting, and different about EnduringFX?Our company, EnduringFX, is interesting and different because we:  Were awarded $30,000 and finished as Runner-Up in the 2012 Sanofi Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge  Are about Quantified Community (the next generation of quantified self)  Design systems that will function indoors, outdoors, and in the water!  Accommodate the spectrum of needs from Sedentary Beginner to Professional Athlete  Maximize social media impact by using digital billboards  Have a CEO that is an experienced software serial entrepreneur  Include an internationally-recognized research and development team in our mission  Already completed a successful pilot project and have professional market research data  Are backed by multiple strategic and research partners  Have a signed 5yr contract in place with the City of Columbia SC (our first customer)Our product, EnduringFX, consists of two subsystems that work together – a hardware system and a softwaresystem – to form a community fitness platform. Calculating consolidated community fitness data is mission-critical for EnduringFX because it is ultimately the way that we need to document and prove results to thehealthcare community – one city at a time. We are trying to document that the installation of EnduringFX in agiven city leads to a direct decrease in Type 2 diabetes. It is obvious to us that financial resources will flow indirect proportion to results achieved!The EnduringFX hardware platform is a set of digital signs, permanent timing technology, and one or morescoring pavilions that get installed in community fitness facilities – including outdoor parks and swimming pools.The EnduringFX hardware creates a high tech experience – especially in unexpected outdoor places – by providingperformance data at regular intervals on nearby digital signs. In strategically-placed scoring pavilions, EnduringFXwill calculate community fitness data and display Top 10 rankings on a large video wall. User will interact with thevideo wall by utilizing Microsoft Kinect!The EnduringFX software system is a web and mobile data aggregation platform that is designed to import datafrom multiple sources – including the Nike+ FUELBAND, FitBit, EnduringFX facilities, and digital scales, etc. – andpresent it in a single, 24hr, integrated data model. In addition, the EnduringFX system is designed to collect andmanage digital photos, facilitate community challenges, and interact with a variety of social media systemsincluding Facebook, Twitter, and digital billboards.An Amazing First YearEnduringFX was formed in January 2012 with the basic idea that we could reinvent the experience of exercising inan outdoor public park by installing a permanent timing system and providing motivational feedback onstrategically placed digital signage.
  2. 2. After hearing about our plans, a friend with Type 1 diabetes encouraged us to enhance our data model so that wecould use EnduringFX to explore the inter-relationship between blood glucose level and physical activity on a 24hrgraph. With a hypothesis that much could be learned from this data, we took a leap of faith and entered the 2012Sanofi Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge (www.datadesigndiabetes.com).On March 23, less than 90 days after starting the company, we received notice that we had just won $20,000 andbeen selected as a National Semi-Finalist (Top 5) in the Sanofi DDD!The distinguished judging panel, which included Mr. Aneesh Chopra (President Obama’s first Chief TechnologyOfficer), got excited that our idea of installing permanent digital signage at mileposts and placing MicrosoftKinect-driven video scoring walls in strategic, high visibility pavilions, can make an ordinary trip to a park or fitnesscenter more like a visit to Disneyland. In addition, they also recognized that EnduringFX is likely to have aprofound impact on Type 2 diabetes and community health in general.Based on our Demo Day Presentation at BluePrint Health (NYC) and the subsequent public voting, EnduringFX wasselected as one of two National Finalists and awarded an additional $10,000 on May 24. Ultimately, in mid-Julywe finished as National Runner Up in the competition and concluded an amazing experience.Diabetes, Obesity, and the link to Physical ActivityWe spent a lot of time researching diabetes this summer and learned that obesity was one of the key drivers tothe ramp-up of chronic health conditions – including Type 2 diabetes, CHD, arthritis, stroke, and asthma.On May 7, 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report projecting that theUnited States would reach an obesity rate of 42% by 2030 - resulting in an estimated 32 million obese adults andan additional $550 billion in healthcare costs.One of our advisors, Dr. Steven Blair, an internationally-renowned University of South Carolina professor, hascompleted extensive research showing that the principal cause of obesity is a lack of physical activity.Interestingly, his research shows that being fit and fat is almost as beneficial to long-term health and quality of lifeas being fit and lean - and is much better than being unfit and normal weight. Better yet, his research also provesthat many of the negative health consequences of obesity – including Type 2 diabetes - can be reversed byexercising at moderate intensity for about 30 minutes per day. This research is brought to life in incredible fashionby Dr. Mike Evan’s viral video entitled 23 ½ hours (http://youtu.be/aUaInS6HIGo).Dr. Blair believes in EnduringFX and is key a strategic partner. The head of our R&D team, Dr. Edward Archer is aclose collaborator and has a post-doctoral assignment on Dr. Blair’s team.In summary:  The lack of physical activity is driving the increase in obesity and the corresponding negative health consequences – including the increase in the rate of Type 2 diabetes!  Many of the negative health consequences are reversible with an individual investment of 30 minutes per day in moderate exercise.  To avoid negative health consequences, everyone needs to exercise – not just the overweight population.Community Problems need Community Solutions!As we studied the CDC “heat” maps that visually illustrate the communities that have the highest rates of Type 2diabetes in the United States, it is very disturbing to see the increase in intensity from 2004 through 2009 -especially in the Southeast. Most importantly, by studying this data we recognized that diabetes is a communityproblem. Some communities are definitely affected more than others due to a number of socio-economic factors.Therefore, we determined very quickly that a community solution was needed to solve a community problem.
  3. 3. With an understanding that Type 2 diabetes can be avoided and sometimes reversed with 30 minutes of physicalactivity per day, we made the obvious connection that EnduringFX – since it’s focused on community parks –might just be the perfect solution!We clearly recognize that:  Outdoor parks, swimming pools and fitness centers exist in just about every community; and,  They are largely underutilized assets; and,  They are suffering from dramatic budget cuts due to the economic downturn in the United States. … and that this set of circumstances presents a major opportunity for us!As our long-term measure of success, we’ve chosen the rate of Type 2 diabetes as our key metric because it hasbeen so carefully documented by the CDC for many years. By definition, we know that if we reduce the rate ofType 2 diabetes we will have also reduced the rate of obesity and many other chronic health conditions and wewill be a huge success.We intimately understand the power of quantified self; however, we think the real magic will happen when thedigital health ecosystem progresses to quantified community!In summary, we aspire to create a system which - via accurate, real-time data collection – has the ability tocollect, analyze, and prove that we can reduce the rate of Type 2 diabetes in a specific community.The Quantified CommunityOutdoor parks, virtual paths, swimming pools, and fitness centers are the perfect way to implement a communityfitness system. Many community parks are placed in absolutely beautiful, strategic locations and therefore theyare available and accessible to most residents. It takes a blend of activities and facility types to create acommunity fitness system that can be used 365 days per year. Outdoor facilities are wonderful; however, on dayswhen the weather is severe – with rain or extreme cold/heat, etc. – we need to have options to keep thecommunity exercising and maintaining a routine. This is especially true for sedentary, obese adults and key foreliminating excuses! This is where an RFID chip plays a strategic role because it facilitates the tracking of indoorexercise which includes swimming!Personal digital health devices like digital pedometers, heart rate monitors, and a plethora of mobile apps thatmeasure things like bike rides, record weight, measure blood pressure and glucose, and perform sleep studies,have become incredibly popular. While their success is undeniable, individually they are not designed to providecommunity health solutions. They do, however, offer wonderful personal data collection systems and serve tosatisfy the broad range of consumer preferences and styles. Since EnduringFX is ultimately a data aggregationplatform, none of these devices are our competitor. On the contrary, over time we hope to integrate and partnerwith as many device manufacturers as possible. We’ll start first with the MYLAPS RFID technologies – and expandfrom there.Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q)The Games to Generate Data Challenge is all about creating game applications that generate useful health carequality data to improve health and health care. EnduringFX is perfectly aligned to this mission. While we’relocated in Columbia, SC – and not in one of the 16 AF4Q cities – our demographics compare nicely to the AF4Qcity of Cincinnati.Columbia’s city population is 130,591 with a metro area of approximately 750,000 residents. Demographicallywe’re 51% white, 42% Black and 4% Hispanic and the primary outdoor recreation facilities are along our rivers.
  4. 4. Cincinnati, in contrast, has a city population of 296,943 with a metro area of >2 million resident. Demographicallyit is 49.4% white, 44.8% Black and 3% Hispanic. Further, like Columbia, there are numerous running/walking parksalong the Ohio River.With similar demographics, both Cincinnati (Hamilton County) and Columbia (Richland County) struggle with highrates of diabetes at 9.8% and 10.9% respectively.As a smaller city, Columbia is a perfect "pilot" that should allow us to springboard to Cincinnati. In addition,similar demographics mean that we will be targeting the same population but with the added benefit of a smallersize to allow for ramp up and testing of our design over time. Best of all, we can take immediate advantage of thefact that we already have a signed 5yr ordinance in place with the City of Columbia. With appropriate funding wecan execute – Now! It took us seven months in 2012 to navigate the public approval process with the City ofColumbia.EnduringFX Facility ExperienceUsers will interact with an EnduringFX facility by either logging in upon arrival with their GPS-enabled smartphoneand/or by wearing an RFID chip. With an RFID chip, EnduringFX will have the capability to deliver a rich, GPSwatch-comparable user experience for beginners, swimmers, indoor participants, or advanced athletes that desireOlympic-level timing accuracy. RFID is perfect for young kids or those that may not be able to affordsmartphones. Amazingly, it also allows dogs (and by proxy, their owners!) to participate and compete. This is anexciting concept because it allows those that are not proud of their human shape to have a new incentive forexercise. Dogs will utilize our custom dog collar.GPS-enabled smartphones will be able to be used with or without the RFID chip for land-based EnduringFXactivities. With integration, GPS devices provide continuous performance information in between designatedmileposts and RFID corrects distance and pace errors which are common to GPS and drive advanced athletes nuts.EnduringFX facilities can be outdoor parks, virtual paths, corporate campuses, resort destinations, swimmingpools, skating rinks, mountain bike trails, as well as traditional fitness centers. EnduringFX provides thefoundation for an interesting social experience because it has the potential, with appropriate permissions, tocaptures digital photos before, during and after workouts. It will have the ability to track weather conditions andcalculates the statistics for top athletes. Since digital photos can be taken at any EnduringFX timing location,timing points can be placed in extremely beautiful spots. Digital exercise photos are extremely popular andprovide a great source of human inspiration.EnduringFX LocationsEnduringFX facilities can be either physical or virtual. Physical facilities can be located indoors or outdoors,include digital signage, permanent timing systems, video scoring walls, and they have the ability to capture digitalimages. Users can participate in EnduringFX physical facilities by utilizing GPS-based smartphones (outdoors)and/or RFID chips.EnduringFX virtual facilities can only be created outdoors. Virtual facilities do not include any digital systems andthey can’t capture photos. Virtual facilities are constructed by utilizing sophisticated geo-fence capabilities. Usersare required to own a GPS-based smartphone to participate in a virtual facility.EnduringFX physical facilities can be located anywhere in the world where power and cellular data service areavailable. This is significant because, for example, a long distance cycling course can be placed in a smallcommunity away from heavy traffic. Small towns can distinguish themselves by investing in an EnduringFX systemand recruiting cyclists to their exceptional course! Resort destinations can invest in EnduringFX systems so thatusers can exercise in some of the world’s most beautiful places like Central Park in NYC or the Golden Gate Bridgein San Francisco. All EnduringFX facilities will benefit from usage reports which will be calculated and made
  5. 5. available to owners. Imagine how cool it will be to get your picture taken automatically on top of a mountain orat the pinnacle of a beautiful bridge! Just enter an EnduringFX facility and go! Over time, as the list of EnduringFXlocations grows, we expect to see an interesting trend in fitness tourism.Since EnduringFX can be installed permanently in a location and leverages the world-class MYLAPS ProChip RFIDtiming technology, cities can create permanent 5k, 10k, marathon routes, triathlon, or even century bike routes instrategic locations around the world. MYLAPS RFID systems are currently used to adjudicate the Nike Women’sMarathon, the Olympics, the Ironman World Championship and even NASCAR and Formula 1 road races. At thecurrent time, executing a race is a complex and costly endeavor that requires setup and tear-down of timingsystems as well as the logistical support of local police and lots of volunteers. With a one-time investment inEnduringFX and a set of rental chips, a city could potentially execute a race every weekend in a beautiful local parkon a very cost-effective basis without disrupting local traffic or costing non-profits a fortune to deliver a singlerace. Additionally, the EnduringFX mobile app has been designed to enhance the experience for spectators atEnduringFX events. As an example, a Mom or Dad or perhaps a spouse will be able to see the current location oftheir loved one on the course as well as their expected finish time!First-Mover Opportunity in the Americas!Despite significant research, we haven’t been able to locate any digital outdoor public parks or indoor fitnessfacilities anywhere in North or South America. Our strategic partner, MYLAPS, has installed multiple permanenttiming systems in European parks and swimming pools; however, they have never installed any systems theAmericas. In addition, their system is currently limited because it captures lap data only, doesn’t offer many socialmedia features, won’t interface with other devices, and requires an RFID chip to participate. The features ofEnduringFX have the potential to take the current MYLAPS installations to a whole new level of functionality. Thiscreates a huge win/win opportunity for us as we expand our strategic partnership with MYLAPS worldwide.EnduringFX Integrated Data ModelIn addition to collecting data at exercise facilities, EnduringFX is designed to integrate and aggregate data fromcomplementary technologies – including digital pedometers, scales, blood glucose meters, and heart ratemonitors - so that a user can have a complete 24hr integrated snapshot of their day when they log into theEnduringFX application after completing their workout. The EnduringFX app will be available to users via weband/or mobile platforms.EnduringFX was designed from the ground up to integrate and leverage additional technologies and/or theMYLAPS RFID systems – including the Nike+ FUELBAND, FitBit, Suunto HRM, and the MYLAPS ProChip (used in the2012 Olympic Triathlon)! Our founder and launch team have been using digital health technology and running inMYLAPS-timed race events for years.Through our own experimentation, we think the perfect digital technology system for optimal health and humanperformance is a digital pedometer together with at least one other advanced fitness device such as a heart ratemonitor or a power meter. Advanced users will also be interested in measuring body metrics such as weight,blood pressure, and body composition so that they can be recorded and analyzed - together with performancedata - on a routine basis.Spectrum of features for Sedentary Beginner through to Professional Athlete!By integrating with multiple technologies, EnduringFX provides a solution for everyone – from sedentary beginnerto professional athlete - across a broad range of activities.By designing a system that satisfies the needs of professional athletes, we recognize that we can create multipleuser interfaces – including potentially games - that simplify the data entry for beginners. The reverse is not true.We’ve noticed that many current products do not offer an upgrade path for advanced users. It seems that manyare designed to be overly simple and, as a consequence, they are likely to be replaced or thrown out after 24
  6. 6. months. This drives people crazy because some of the most rewarding and motivational data is the stuff that wascollected on that first run or that first day lifting weights. We love looking back to our early days and seeing howfar we’ve come. If you throw out your data every 24 months and begin using a new device – what a loss!EnduringFX is designed to be a lifetime data collection system!Maximizing Results with Social MediaWith appropriate permission, EnduringFX has the ability to capture digital photos and inspire by utilizing the latestsocial media techniques including public/private challenges and integration with high profile downtown digitalbillboards!Each EnduringFX profile will be able to be linked directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and/or FourSquare. Withpermission, photos and results can be shared in real time with friends and family. Pictures can be transmitteddirectly to local digital billboards to support community health and wellness initiatives. This enhances the revenuemodel for EnduringFX!In addition to photos, EnduringFX will feature a complete challenge system. Like Nike+, users will be able to createa challenge and invite other users to participate. Challenges will be public or private and individual or group.Challenges can also be site specific so that results can be publically displayed on digital scoreboards.As our user base grows, the EnduringFX database will become extremely valuable. If designed properly andmarried to an enterprise data warehouse, we expect that we’ll possess one of the world’s premier databases ofhuman activity. Our initial university research partners – the University of South Carolina, Clemson, and theMedical University of South Carolina – as well as many others including health insurance companies andemployers, will definitely benefit from studying this data.EnduringFX Market Research (CommuniSpace)As a special benefit of becoming a National Finalist in the 2012 Sanofi DDD Competition, we had the good fortuneof being able to have a CommuniSpace professional market research campaign completed on our behalf.CommuniSpace engaged 281 participants to watch our marketing video and answer a series of survey questionsthat were focused on our design and business model. Of these participants, 94 were diabetic patients, and 187were healthcare professionals.Patients indicated that they thought EnduringFX is an exciting, motivational and innovative tool and the largemajority would be likely to participate if they had access to a facility. In addition, they like the look and design ofour data model. Healthcare providers are excited about EnduringFX and believe it is a great high-tech way toencourage exercise. Many HCPs would be likely to login and participate in their patient’s EnduringFX results asthey feel this would show patients that they are a partner in their diabetes management and encourage them toremain responsible for their health. Both patients and HCP’s expressed concerns regarding privacy, cost and theavailability of EnduringFX facilities.To address these concerns we modified our concept video and designed some new features for EnduringFX. Weare absolutely committed to protecting user privacy and we neglected to mention the fact that a user couldparticipate at a basic level for free.We designed new EnduringFX features that allow anonymous participation at the park (no screen displays orpictures) and to file a FlightPlan. The FlightPlan feature is an innovative way to securely check-in to an EnduringFXfacility and register an anticipated workout completion time. This has the potential to alert a park ranger or publicsafety officer in the event of an injury or perhaps a medical situation.
  7. 7. To address the availability concern, we came up with our design for the virtual EnduringFX facility. By using a GPSsmartphone and specialized geo-fencing techniques, we can create an outdoor exercise course with start andfinish locations and multiple split points - anywhere in the world with little cost! Then, at a later date, withdocumented usage information the decision can be made to install permanent timing infrastructure.EnduringFX Product Video http://youtu.be/nUO17C_bXIIEnduringFX Business ModelEnduringFX has a strong business model. We are the confluence of an engineering company that will do designand facility upgrades and sell milepost and pavilion sponsorships, a web software company which will sell annualsubscriptions to our web site, generate advertising revenue, and sell retail products, and finally a research entitywith the in-house expertise to quantify, analyze and present the vast amount of data that will be available. Thismakes for a very attractive business model because it minimizes startup equity requirements and maximizes long-term enterprise value.There is a big opportunity to utilize public parks and athletic facilities and we’ve fashioned an innovative revenuesharing model for local governments. In addition, we also see a significant opportunity with large employers aspart of their wellness programs. Since EnduringFX will have wonderful tracking capabilities, permanent or virtualtrails can be constructed on corporate campuses and employers will be able to avoid the frustrations of self-reported data.EnduringFX TeamPresident/Founder – Jim Stritzingerhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/jstritzingerJim Stritzinger is a high-tech serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience.Prior to EnduringFX, Mr. Stritzinger has held a variety of roles. He formed ClearView Software in 1990 thatspecialized in developing custom accounting interfaces for Solomon Software. After experiencing incrediblegrowth, ClearView was acquired by Solomon in 1998 and later became part of Microsoft in 2000.Mr. Stritzinger has designed, built, and released multiple software systems and managed a large developmentteam. Some of his products are still being actively sold by Microsoft today. In addition, he is an avid runner,backpacker, beginner triathlete and competitive golfer and aspires to one day complete an Ironman.Mr. Stritzinger grew up in Newark, DE and graduated in 1986 from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NCwith a BS in Electrical Engineering.Director/Research & Development – Edward Archer, Ph.D.www.linkedin.com/pub/edward-archer/28/3b3/8b6/Dr. Archer is a multi-disciplinary PhD with expertise in energy physiology, population-level energy balance,nutrition and performance, and behavioral health psychology. His analytic skill-set combined with extensiveexperience in research design and program evaluation makes him a perfect complement to the EnduringFX team.Specifically, Dr. Archer’s expertise in the use of technology for the assessment of physical activity in ‘real-world’settings is an integral component of EnduringFX’s long term success.Dr. Archer has co-authored multiple publications in leading journals on energy requirements, physical activityand non-communicable chronic diseases, population-level energy expenditure and energy balance. His experienceas the principal /co-investigator of interdisciplinary projects (nutrition & physical activity) has culminated in
  8. 8. international presentations on nutrient partitioning, the etiology of obesity, and economic analyses of obesityinterventions.Prior to pursuing his research career, Dr. Archer used his experiences as a collegiate and professional athlete todevelop and market a number of performance enhancement products.Strategic PartnersTiming Partner – MYLAPS Sports Timing (www.MYLAPS.com) – Mr. Bas Van Rens, CEOnl.linkedin.com/pub/bas-van-rens/0/a31/43bMYLAPS, based in the Netherlands, offers the best-in-class sports timing systems to measure, publish and analyzerace and practice results for all sports. Customers include Nike as well as timekeepers, clubs, event organizers,federations, track owners, participants and spectators. Their chips and technology will play an integral part indata collection for EnduringFX. They also are providing us with an incredible opportunity to install EnduringFXsoftware into their existing timing locations in the Netherlands.Non-Profit Partner – Shape Up America! (www.shapeup.org) – Dr. Barbara Moore, Executive Directorwww.linkedin.com/pub/barbara-moore/b/a25/508Founded in 1994 by former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop, Shape Up America! is a 501(c)3 not-for-profitorganization committed to raising awareness of obesity as a health issue and to providing responsible informationon healthy weight management. Shape Up America! is EnduringFX’s source of expert nutrition information andalso provides a destination for grant funding that must flow through a non-profit in order make it to EnduringFXas part of a larger project.Entrepreneurial Support - IT-oLogy (www.IT-ology.org) – Mr. Lonnie Emard, Executive Directorhttp://www.linkedin.com/pub/lonnie-emard/7/a60/a14IT-oLogy is a non-profit collaboration of businesses, academic institutions and organizations dedicated to growingthe IT talent pipeline, fostering economic development and advancing the IT profession.Research PartnersExercise Science – University of South Carolina – Dr. Stephen Blairhttp://www.sph.sc.edu/facultystaffpages/facstaffdetails.php?ID=333An internationally recognized authority on exercise and its health benefits, Dr. Steve Blair runs the TechnologyCenter to Advance Healthful Lifestyles (SmartState CoEE), an entity with a mission to bring the fruits of academicresearch into the business world. As the most cited exercise science professor in the world, Dr. Blair and USC willadvise the team and lend university resources to ensure the outdoor interactive exercise experience motivatesand provides meaningful feedback to promote health.Medical – Medical University of South Carolina – Dr. Frank Treiberhttp://academicdepartments.musc.edu/nursingold/departments/employee/directory/faculty/treiber.htmFrank Treiber, PhD is a Professor and the MUSC Endowed Chair for the Technology Center to Advance HealthfulLifestyles (SmartState CoEE). Dr. Treiber received his BS in Psychology degree from Tennessee TechnologicalUniversity and his MS and PhD degrees in Developmental Psychology from the University of Georgia. He alsocompleted a post-doctoral Clinical Training Fellowship at the University of Georgia and an APA approvedPsychology Internship at the Medical University of South Carolina and the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center inCharleston.