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Ideas for our cd case..


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Ideas for our cd case..

  1. 1. Ideas for our CD Case.. Jake Stout
  2. 2. As one of our ancillary tasks we have to create a CD front cover, back cover, and inside slips. This is an area where we can really express our creativity and try to promote the flare and originality of De Shamonix. CD’s are somewhat a thing of the past, as people tend to download their music from companies such as iTunes over the internet. But CD’s are still being produced, and millions have been produced this gives us a lot to look at, so here’s a few that we’ve looked at for inspiration.
  3. 3. The Libertines Above are the two Libertines album covers, on the left their second album, and on the right their first. Both represent the band, with the urban and grimey vibe to them. The left hand side album has been kept very basic, with a natural look to it. The only changes that may have occurred to the picture are brightness levels adjusted, but other then that the picture connotes the drug taking, and abusing of their bodies that fans have grown to love from The Libertines.
  4. 4. Kings of Leon These 2 album cases from Kings of Leon are all very contrasting with one another. This album cover is a quite extravagant cover. It manages to look both complex and simple at the same time. The image has been edited using some sort of software such as Photoshop, giving the effect of the light bulb being on, whilst being smashed at the same time. The use of two different font colours at the top is very effective, and distinctly highlights the name of the album against the black background.
  5. 5. This is another album cover from Kings of Leon, ‘Only By The Night’. The front cover is very different to the ‘Because of Times’ album, and is very complex as a whole. Each of the four members has been edited and merged into another image of an owl. The cover is very eye catching due to the strangeness of it, this is a good way of attracting people towards the album.
  6. 6. Blink 182 As you can see this is Blink 182’s greatest hits album. This was released recently after a long and successful career. They are a highly established band, and have become a global hit. The large symbol in the middle of the cover has become a globally recognised logo for the band, so using it on the album for their greatest hits album allows people to easily spot their album off of the shelves. The album is kept extremely simple, and in my view this is very effective. Creating a logo is a possible idea for our De Shamonix album cover, as it leaves a mark in peoples mind, and gives them something to recognise the band by.
  7. 7. Linkin Park This is another very simple but effective album cover. Linkin Park have kept the image on their album black and white, and have just taken an image of the band members. Once again the same as Blink 182, Linkin Park have also created a logo, but this logo is their font and the way the band name is written, this is consistent on every album cover, single or poster that the bands on. This is another idea for De Shamonix in order to give them an identity and get them recognisable.
  8. 8. Looking at all of these album covers has given me a lot of potential ideas for our CD case. I feel the most effective CD cases are the simple ones, keeping it plain and to the point.