Slow Food's International Congress


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Jamie Stoneham was selected to be on of the US's Delegates for Slow Food's International Congress. This presentation highlights her trip and the Slow Food's Policy Document - "Central Role of Food," which she will be engaged in a world debate about.

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Slow Food's International Congress

  1. 1. •Attend the Salone del Gusto - Terra Madre• Elect new management bodies & The International Statute• World debate over the Congress’s Policy document “Central Role of Food” • Use document to aid in community growth • Invite each convivium or community to enrich it with its own specific experience
  2. 2. CONFERENCES •The Evolution of Food Patents from• Say, Do, Hoe: Practices and Policies for Field to TableYouth Agriculture • Animal Welfare: a win win opportunity• Feeding Cities is Easy for animals, farmers and consumers• 400 Presidia: A New Model for Agriculture• Slow Food, Daily Food MASTER OF FOOD – Cooking without• No Bees No Future Waste • It’s Raining Risolles
  3. 3. THEATER OF TASTE •QueMaravilha Quanta FrutaHoje •Tour of Brazil’s biodiversity • Dishes that made History: Valentino Marcattilli’sUovo in Raviolo • Dishes that made History: Don Alfonso 1890TASTE WORKSHOPS • From Mountain to Lake: Valtellina Buckwheat Meets Lake Iseo Smoked Sardines • Farmers, Brewers, Consumers, Unite!DINNER DATES • A celebration of Two Centuries of Antica Corona RealeMEET THE MAKER • The Soil Emergency and the Flavor of the Earth
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