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Sunlight Presentation


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This is my modified and mashed up version of Clay Johnson's ignite presentation about Sunlight Labs (with some slides from his Web2.0 Expo presentation and a few originals).

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Sunlight Presentation

  1. 1. Julie Steele I’m an Editor at O’Reilly Media
  2. 2. Julie Steele I’m a concerned citizen (like you)
  3. 6. we
  4. 9. BUT
  5. 10. W00t Pythonistas! Photo credit: Josh Tauberer
  6. 15.
  7. 20. How can I be an effective organizer? <ul><li>make sure people know each other’s names </li></ul><ul><li>get people together in a physical space </li></ul><ul><li>make specific requests (but check your ego) </li></ul>
  8. 21. (like I did!)
  9. 22. sunlightlabs jsteeleeditor