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So You Want to Write for O'Reilly



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So You Want to Write for O'Reilly

  1. + So You Want to Write for O’Reilly… An Introduction for New Authors
  2. + Who We Are and What We Publish Expertise, Yes; Obscurantism, No.
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  8. + O’Reilly Rough Cuts in Safari Get Behind the Scenes to Stay Ahead of the Curve   Access is gained through a Safari Library account or a single Rough Cuts title order.   Readers sign up to receive Alerts and read updated versions online or in PDF at their convenience.   Readers post feedback and respond to comments from other users, editors, and authors.   Readers gain access to the final version for up to 45 days.
  9. + Rich-Media Formats Access to Experts on
  10. + O’Reilly Workshops Brain Friendly Learning in Person   Workshops are 1- to 2-day developer- focused, hands-on training events offered 10-12 times a year in various cities.   Instructors walk participants through relevant examples step-by-step with a focus on interactivity, collaboration, and participants’ immediate needs.   Workshops use a learning methodology based on research in cognitive science and education.
  11. + What topics are you interested in?   Digital Photography,   Wireless Networking and Digital Video, and Design Mobile Devices   Consumer Applications   Big Picture Technology, and Operating Systems Social Impact, and Geek Culture   Cloud Computing and Big Data   Software Engineering   Information Design and   Web Services User Experience   Security   Bioinformatics and Other Applied Sciences   What We Don't Know…
  12. + Publication Process Overview Doing the Right Things in the Right Order
  13. +   Send an email query to   Full proposals should include:   Book summary and outline   Technology summary   Audience and market I know what I   Your qualifications want to write…   Tentative writing schedule Sample chapters or articles now what?   The Proposal Phase   We consider your proposal, and perhaps talk it over with others.   Having decided to run with the book, we sit down together and work out a contract.
  14. +   The Contract Covers:   Description of the book   The grant of rights   Format of the book   Delivery schedule   Financial components:   Royalty rates for various formats What if you don't come through? (What will my     When your royalties will be paid contract cover?)   Free copies of the book We know you had to ask.   Revised editions of the book   You didn't plagiarize anything, did you?   Final legalese ch03.html
  15. +     Start writing! You use Microsoft Word or DocBook XML—and our templates! Only-if-you- must formats include:    HTML We signed a   Your editor is closely involved. contract…   We subject your book to a thorough now what? editorial and technical review. The Writing Phase   You revise the book in accordance with the critical commentary you receive.   The book goes back to the editor as a (nearly) final draft.
  16. +   The production process includes:   Copyediting   Converting text to its final format   Cover design and marketing copy   Graphics and illustrations   Interior design and layout My manuscript is   Proofreading and indexing Physical printing and binding finished…   now what?   You get to review copy edits, page proof, index, and cover. The Production Phase   Production phase is about 3 months (short for the industry).
  17. +   We promote the book online through and   We promote the book at conferences and trade shows.   We support your promotion of the book at speaking engagements and events with marketing materials. How will my book   We target audiences through email be supported? promotions, newsletters, and our User Group program. Our Marketing Strategy   We leverage our extensive database of reviewers to gather press reviews.   We work closely with our in-house sales team as they present the book to retailers.
  18. + Congratulations, You’re an Author—Now What? Become a Big Mouth for Your Book
  19. + Grow Your Community on Book Forums
  20. + Grow Your Community on Author Blogs
  21. + Grow Your Community on Events Page
  22. + Grow Your Community on Webcasts and Video
  23. + O’Reilly’s Author Portal Manage Errata, Monitor Forums, Post Events & More!
  24. + So You Want to Write for O’Reilly… Questions?