ePartners for Medical Device MFG


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ePartners for Medical Device Manufacturing

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ePartners for Medical Device MFG

  1. 1. ePartnersMFG / Medical Device Manufacturing The Business Solutions You Need. ePartners understands your business and has designed its solutions to help you meet the mission critical capabilities you require from your information technology assets. ePartnersMFG Design Solution / Enhance your innovation support processes and empower your Manufacturing Solutions Series design and development resources. ePartnersMFG Planning Solution / Improve collaboration, forecasting accuracy, and planning for manufacturing & supply chain performance. ePartnersMFG for Medical Device Manufacturers Solution Map PLAN SELL BUILD DESIGN SERVICE Collaborative PDM Forecasting Contracts Mgmt Warranty Mgmt Job Scheduling Collaborative PLM MPS Prospecting Returns Mgmt Work Order Mgmt Collaborative ECM MRP Pipeline Mgmt Call Center Mgmt Project Build Mgmt Revision Controls CRP Distributor Mgmt Service Orders Shop Floor Control Design Tools Integration APS Mktg Campaigns Installation Projects Auto-Data Collection Prototyping SCP Catalog Mgmt Field Stocks Mgmt Inventory Control Item/BOM Mgmt SCE Contractual Sales Field Actions Mgmt Serial/Lot Tracking Router Mgmt Supply Contracting Configured Products Sales Equipment Records Quality Control Development Project Mgmt Consignments Web Sales Depot Repair Preventative Maintenance Outsourcing 360 Degree Customer View Knowledgebase Calibrations Mgmt Electronic Signatures Audit Trails Microsoft Technology Solutions for ® ePartnersMFG Sales Solution / Improve demand generation, streamline order capture & entry, enhance Medical Device Manufacturers fulfillment performance, increase customer satisfaction, and improve revenue throughput. ePartnersMFG Build Solution / Streamline shop floor activities, support cost reduction and productivity improvement programs. ePartnersMFG After-Sales Support Solution / Manage customer entitlements & field activities, and turn service activities in to profits. www.ePartnersMFG.com ePartners Incorporated • 888.883.9797 • www.epartnersolutions.com © 2008 ePartners Incorporated. All rights reserved. 08-EPS-002 ePartners is a registered trademark of ePartners Incorporated. All other products, services, or marks 01.08 may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
  2. 2. Compliance. Quality. Efficiency. Utilizing the Power of Microsoft Technology. Leveraging proven Microsoft technology, ePartnersMFG provides manufacturing organizations with the flexible and ePartnersMFG is a cost- effective proven ERP solution that helps you streamline manufacturing integrated business solutions they need to adapt to ever-changing customer, business and market conditions. There are operations, manage quality and maintain compliance with FDA and other regulatory bodies. several reasons Microsoft technology is the best choice for manufacturing companies including: Technology Innovation / Microsoft has a proven track record of continuous innovation. Since its founding in 1975, ePartners provides a highly integrated suite of Microsoft-based IT and business solutions tailored specifically for the Microsoft has worked continually to improve and advance its products and engage in research that paves the way for medical device manufacturing industry. We leverage proven Microsoft technologies and a team of industry experts tomorrow’s breakthroughs in computing. to provide an integrated solution that delivers genuine business performance improvements. From audit trails and electronic signatures, to customer relationship management, operations planning, manufacturing controls, quality Total Cost of Ownership / Microsoft Business Solutions provide customers with the best total cost of ownership. management, after-sales support and more—an ePartnersMFG solution can be the key to optimizing your business. Adaptable Platforms / Microsoft technology platforms are easy to use, easy to integrate with other systems, and highly adaptable to the manufacturing business. The Microsoft technology platform enables robust, flexible, scalable solutions to enhance security, communication, collaboration, mobility, systems management and business intelligence. Reliable Customer Support / Microsoft provides customers with reliable, dedicated service and support through a wide variety of custom, packaged, and self-help choices. Microsoft Services support options provide direct access to expert The Value Your Stakeholders Deserve. technical resources, helping you minimize your risks and maximize the benefits of your Microsoft technology investment. The combination of ePartnersMFG business solutions and Microsoft technology enable you to automate and streamline If you’re like most executives in the medical device management sector, you lose a lot of sleep almost every aspect of your operations, making your entire business more efficient, more secure, and less costly. trying to figure out how to deliver the greatest value to your stakeholders. These stakeholders range from customers to employees, partners, investors and more. To do this you need business solutions and an IT infrastructure that can arm individuals with the knowledge they need to perform ePartnersMFG solutions leverage the latest Microsoft technologies including: at the highest possible level. That’s precisely what the ePartnersMFG Solution Series is designed to do. Having served thousands of ePartnersMFG™ customers and spent more than 10 years deploying business solutions in the manufacturing industry – no soft SharePoi ® other company has more hands-on experience helping manufacturing executives implement the best IT cro nt Mi solutions strategy for their business. rosoft Mic ® A Deep Understanding of Regulatory Requirements. Our consultants are experienced in Sarbanes-Oxley ws do em (SOX) Act, HIPAA, and FDA Part 11, and the steps necessary to tailor, test and deploy integrated solutions S t Bi v Sy n ows Syst Server Wi zT er s that cater to your company. er nd Microsoft ® alk em Wi Windows Robust Manufacturing Functionality to provide you with tools to increase your competitive advantage, Server Tech sustain high quality standards, collaborate effectively with your supply chain and maximize customer C e nte r satisfaction. Enjoy improved forecasting and planning, state of the art materials management controls all in a Microsoft® user friendly Microsoft environment. SQL Server VI IO SU Increased visibility and time to market. From basic reporting to business intelligence, ePartners can help AL S T U D Mi you collaborate on products, processes, and production with a manufacturing and supply chain system that s cro soft Window takes advantage of security-enhanced, Web-based products and technologies. ® Medical Device Manufacturing Solutions