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  1. 1. Colombi Culture a Economy Music Food Politics Education Sports
  2. 2. Culture Culture in Colombia is bigger than others contrys. From the Iberoamerican Theater Festival make in Bogota evey year, the exhibition of flowers in Medellin, Cali Fair, the Barranquilla caranavales. etc. in a country where good people are not left obscure by the bad things.
  3. 3. Music Colombia is a country with music what ever do you like? Electronics, llanera, vallenato, pop, rock ,salsa, ranchera and other
  4. 4. Politics Colombia is a Social State of Law organized as a unitary republic with political centralization and administrative decentralization, in which public power is separated into three branches, legislative, executive and judicial.
  5. 5. Education Education is composed of pre-school levels (three grades), basic education (nine grades), education (two degrees) and higher education that is assumed in part by the State, through various organizations such as call "City University" located in the capital cities, although about 70% of the existing higher education institutions in Colombia are private.
  6. 6. Sports Colombia at the Olympics Colombia Football Federation Colombia national football team Colombia League of Professional Baseball Colombia national baseball team Colombia national basketball team
  7. 7. Colombia’s cuisine, influenced Food heavily by the Spanish and Indigenous populations, is not as widely known as other Latin American cuisines such as Peruvian or Brazilian, but to the adventurous traveler there is plenty of delectable dishes to try, not to mention bizarre fruits, rum, and of course, Colombian coffee.
  8. 8. Economy The main thing in the Colombian economy is based on part of tourism, coffee, crude oil, livestock and mining.
  9. 9. OVERVIEW Official Name: Republic of Colombia Area (km2): 1.141.748 Costas (km): 3208 Limits: North: Caribbean Sea East: Venezuela and Brazil South: Peru and Ecuador West: Pacific Ocean Nor West: Panama Political divisions: 32 departments Capital: Bogota., D.C. (Founded in 1538 by Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada) Political divisions: 32 departments Currency: Peso Language: Spanish (official), Chibcha, Guajiro and about 90 more Indian languages, not official, there are also communities of foreign origin who speak English and German. National Day: July 20th (Independence) Adjective: Colombian Official time: GMT -5 hours (Normal / Summer) Main cities: Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cucuta, Bucaramanga, Pereira, Ibague, Manizal
  10. 10. The End