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Newspaper branding


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Newspaper branding

  1. 1. Newspaper BrandingFlags, Fonts, Colors and Folios
  2. 2. Branding is:
  3. 3. And….
  4. 4. And Even…
  5. 5. For Newspapers….• Branding is creating a consistent look or design that is easily recognizable by your readers THROUGHOUT your publication.
  6. 6. This can be accomplished through:• Fonts• Color• Flags• Folios
  7. 7. For Example:
  8. 8. Other Flags…
  9. 9. Things to Remember…• As with the Blue and Gold, some aspect of your front page flag should be continued elsewhere to create consistency.• Folios are an excellent place to play with typography• Colors should be consistent! Dominant colors should be continued throughout publication as appropriate.
  10. 10. Award Winning Section Designs
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