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17th asia oil week


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17th asia oil week Agenda

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17th asia oil week

  1. 1. 25th - 27th June 2012 Goodwood Park Hotel SingaporeSeparately Bookable21st Asia Petroleum: Strategy Briefing 201225 June 2012Presentations By: Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners17th Asia Upstream Conference 201226 - 27 June 2012 Sponsors 2012 Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsor Sponsors Supported By
  2. 2. Park Hotel, Singapore 25th - 27th June 2012, Goodwood Confirmed speakers Ron Aston Simon Lim sponsor opportunities President & General Manager, Indonesia Head of Listings, South East Asia 17th Asia Oil Week 2012 Talisman Energy Singapore Exchange Limited Sponsor Highlights Jose Layug Duncan Clarke • Intensive high-level Program Undersecretary Chairman & CEO Department of Energy, Philippines Global Pacific & Partners • 21st Asia Petroleum: Strategy Briefing • 17th Asia Upstream Conference Kevin Rolens Seji Yoshikawa • Key Oil & Gas Management Event Director, Petroleum & Minerals Manager Business Development, • Targeted and high-level audience Ministry of Economic Development, New Ventures Asia & Oceania • Display Tables New Zealand Japex • Exhibition Booths Wayne Spencer Alan Fernie New Ventures Manager, Asia Exploration & Development Manager Key Benefits: Premier Oil Horizon Oil • Generate & Grow Business Leads & Relationships Alan Linn Adrian Cook • Highly Targeted Marketing Chief Executive Managing Director • Corporate Deals Roc Oil Carnarvon Petroleum • Networking - Build Partnerships • Global Exposure David Ginger Ian Cross Director, Subsurface & New Ventures Managing Director Cairn India Moyes & Co CONTACT: Email: Clarence Sundram Olivier Mussat Business Development Manager Co-Head Oil & Gas Finance Drum Cussac Asia Standard Chartered Bank Joshua Kalinoe David Williams 150+ Delegates Attend Annually Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director Managing Director 30+ Speakers Petromin PNG Holdings, Papua New Guinea Larus Energy Mateus da Costa Iain Baxter Director of Exploration & Acreage Release Director, Business Development Autoridade Nacional do Petroleo, Timor Leste CompactGTL Follow us on: www. Richard Lorentz Bruce Clement Director Business Development Managing Director KrisEnergy AWE Tom Soulsby Philip Caldwell Chief Executive Executive General Manager, PNG LNG Risco Energy Oil Search LtdPublications & Online Media Ian Dunderdale* Eytan Uliel Senior Vice President, Business Development, Chief Commercial Officer Hydra Energy Dart Energy Jürgen Hendrich Leo Kirby Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Executive Director MEO Australia Limited United Energy Group Saliya Wickramasuriya Devin Istiartomo Director General Executive Representative & Project Manager, Petroleum Resources Development Unit, Upstream Business Development Sri Lanka Pertamina, Indonesia* Andrew P. Kitts Dr Panos Cavoulacos Chief Executive Officer Managing Director, Asia Petro Caribbean Resources Ltd. Schlumberger Business Consulting Mortuza Ahmad Faruque Barry O’Donnell Managing Director Regional Vice President Southeast Asia, Bangladesh Petroleum of Exploration & Operation & New Business Development, Production, Co Ltd Mubadala Oil & Gas
  3. 3. 21st Asia Petroleum: Strategy Briefing 25th June 2012 Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore Monday: 25th June 2012 - Separately Bookable 08:00 Registration & CoffeeOur 21 Asia Petroleum: Strategy stBriefing 2012 celebrates the longest- 09:00 Asia’s Minnows: Independents 14:30 Asian National Oil Companiesrunning strategy briefing held in and onAsia, and even worldwide, within the global »»Asia’s Upstream Exploration Game »»State Oil Firms: Assets + Strategiesupstream industry. »»Over 100 Companies: Asia/Australasia »»Petronas, CNPC-PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC »»Small Corporate Players: Issues »»ONGC-Videsh, GAIL, Jogmec, KNOC, SPCIt provides an in-depth examination ofthe competitive upstream oil and gas- »»Minnows/Companies “Born in Asia” »»CPC-OPIC, PTTEP, Petrovietnam-PIDCLNG strategies in Asian exploration and »»Local, New Listings, Private Vehicles »»Pertamina, MOGE, CNPA, PNOC-EC, OGDCdevelopment with diagnosis of portfolios held »»Australia, New Zealand, PNGby Corporate Oil, Governments and National »»Regional & Worldwide Independents »»Governments, Licensing Agencies, OthersOil Companies. It tracks competitors and »»Dominant Players, Explorers, Producersplayers across Southeast Asia, Australasia-PNG,China, Sub-Continent (India, Nepal, Pakistan, »»Entry Strategies, Acreage, Assets »»Shaping Asia’s State Oil CompaniesBangladesh), and in old/new frontiers around »»New Ventures, Portfolio, Success »»Reserves & Production OutlookAsia (Timor Leste, Sri Lanka, elsewhere). »»Building Relationships & Partners »»Acreage-Assets, New Ventures »»Frontier Players & Future Directions »»Competition, Alliances & PartnersPresentations are by Dr Duncan Clarke(Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners), a »»Overseas Ventures: Asia & Worldwideleading global/Asia strategist, speaker, thinker 10:45 Coffeeand writer. He is author of Africa’s Future: »»Asia’s Oil-Gas FutureDarkness to Destiny (Profile, 2012), The 11:15 Super-Independents: »»Shifting Geopolitics & Supply-Demand ProfileBattle For Barrels (Profile, 2007), Empires Super-Majorsof Oil (Profile, 2007), and Africa Crude »»Giant Oil States & Mature Exploration ZonesContinent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil »»Top 36 Super-Independents »»Deepwater Plays, New Frontiers, EORPrize (Profile, 2010), and Africa’s Future: »»Joint Development Zones & “Excluded” ZonesDarkness to Destiny (Profile, 2012). »»Asia Portfolio & Strategies »»ConocoPhillips, ENI, Repsol »»Asian Gas-LNG, CBM, CTL, GTL VenturesThis unique annual Strategy Briefing »»BHP Billiton, BG, Hess, Anadarko, Woodside »»Asian Outlook, Oil Risks-Threats & Futureprovides an intensive and interactive forum, »»Premier, Talisman, Sasol, Inpexwith Delegates provided access online to 17:00 Close of Briefing »»Other Large Independent CompaniesPresentations (750+ images), and a seasoneddiagnosis based on 30+ years upstreamAdvisory experience in and on Asia and across »»Super-Majors: Asia/AustralasiaSix Continents. »»ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Total, Chevron »»Competitor Strategies, Portfolio, Assets »»Exploration Positioning & Core VenturesBeneficiaries »»Gas-LNG Projects, Building Future Strategies 17:15 Cocktail Reception:The Strategy Briefing can benefit a wide range »»Corporate Strategy: Success/ Lessonsof oil/gas industry executives in explorationand new ventures management, businessdevelopment, gas strategy, competitor 13:15 Luncheon PetroAsiana Clubintelligence, plus geoscience, technicalmanagement, engineers, and those involved inservice and supply to the corporate gas-LNGworld in Asia, plus investment bankers andasset/fund managers. Published BooksDelegates receive special individual AFRICA’Saccess to our online Asia Databank for 6 F UTUREmonths following this Strategy Briefing. »» Africa’s Future Darkness to Destiny How the past is shaping Africa’s economic evolution »» Africa: Crude Continent »» Empires Of OilRight of Admission »» The Battle For BarrelsReserved by Global Pacific & Partners. Books available on order via AmazonNo Press DUNCAN CLARKE
  4. 4. Park Hotel, Singapore25th - 27th June 2012, Goodwood Asia Upstream Conference: Day One: Tuesday: 26th June 2012 • Corporates, Governments & National Oil Companies Perspectives 11:40 New Zealand: Offshore/Onshore Frontiers • Diverse upstream ventures - both onshore and offshore For Investors • Government policies and acreage opportunities Kevin Rolens, Director New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals, Ministry of Economic Development, New Zealand • Commercialisation, risks & investments in Asia • Oil and energy finance 12:00 Philippines: Upstream Oil/Gas Investment, • Changing corporate strategies Developments & Potential • New frontiers in shale gas/oil and CBM-CSM Jose Layug, Undersecretary, Department of Energy, Philippines • Asian outlook, oil risks, threats & future Sri Lanka: Discoveries & Future Hydrocarbon 12:20 • Licensing rounds, acreage & asset markets Development • Regional & worldwide independents in Asia Saliya Wickramasuriya, Director General, • Gas industry prospects & Asian gas markets Petroleum Resources Development Unit, Sri Lanka 08:00 Registration & Morning Coffee 12:40 Bangladesh: Exploration & Development 09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Mortuza Ahmad Faruque, Managing Director, Bangladesh Petroleum & Exploration & Production, Co Ltd Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners 13:00 Timor Leste: Acreage, Awards, Blocks & Potential 09:10 SGX: Capital For Independent Oil Mateus da Costa, Director of Exploration & Acreage Release, Company Growth Autoridade Nacional do Petroleo, Timor Leste Simon Lim, Director: Head of Listings, South East Asia, Singapore Exchange Limited Moderator: Dr Duncan Clarke 13:20 Luncheon & Networking Session 1: Key Corporate Players & Regional Opportunties Session 3: Asia Oil & Gas: Commercialisation, 09:30 Talisman: Regional Portfolio & Growth Ron Aston, President & General Manager, Indonesia, Risks & Investment Talisman Energy 14:20 CompactGTL: Unlocking Remote Oilfield Development 09:50 Japex: Asia/Oceania Project Development Iain Baxter, Director, Business Development, CompactGTL & New Ventures Seji Yoshikawa, Manager Business Development, 14:40 Moyes: Transactions & Deal Flow In Asia New Ventures Asia & Oceania, Japex Ian Cross, Managing Director, Moyes & Co 10:10 Mubadala: Building Value In Southeast Asia 15:00 Drum Cussac: Piracy In Asia - Impact On Oil Trade Barry O’Donnell, Regional Vice President Southeast Asia, Clarence Sundram, Business Development Manager, Operation & New Business Development, Mubadala Oil & Gas Drum Cussac Asia 10:30 Cairn India: From India To Regional/Overseas 15:20 Risco Energy: Acquiring, Funding & Ventures Commercializing Oil-Gas Assets David Ginger, Director, Subsurface & New Ventures, Tom Soulsby, Chief Executive, Risco Energy Cairn India SCB: Financing Upstream & LNG development 15:40 Moderator: Dr Duncan Clarke projects Olivier Mussat, Co-Head Oil & Gas Finance, 10:50 Morning Coffee & Networking Standard Chartered Bank Session 2: Asia’s State Players: Oil & Gas Landscapes Moderator: Babette van Gessel, Deputy Chief Executive, Global Pacific & Partners Pertamina: Oil & Gas Portfolio & Corporate 11:20 16:00 Afternoon Coffee Development Devin Istiartomo, Executive Representative & Project Manager, Upstream Business Development, Pertamina, Indonesia*
  5. 5. Park Hotel, Singapore 25th - 27th June 2012, Goodwood Asia Upstream Conference: Day Two: Wednesday: 27th June 2012 Session 4: Players In Asia/Australasia’s Upstream 10:30 Petromin PNG Holdings: Local Player & Future Growth16:30 Schlumberger: Unlocking the Potential of Joshua Kalinoe, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Production Excellence in Asia Petromin PNG Holdings Dr Panos Cavoulacos, Managing Director, Asia, 10:50 KrisEnergy: Fast Growth Asian Independent Schlumberger Business Consulting Richard Lorentz, Director Business Development, KrisEnergy16:50 United Energy: A New Breed of Asian Independent Moderator: Dr Duncan Clarke Leo Kirby, Executive Director, United Energy Group 11:10 Morning Coffee & Networking17:10 Horizon Oil: China, PNG, New Zealand Asset Base Alan Fernie, Exploration & Development Manager, Horizon Oil Session 6: New Asian Oil & Gas Frontiers AWE: Exploration Ventures In17:30 Australasia/Overseas 11:40 Larus Energy: Positioning For Growth In PNG Bruce Clement, Managing Director, AWE Limited David Williams, Managing Director, Larus Energy Moderator: Jessica Clarke, Vice President, 12:00 MEO: E&P Ventures & Project Development Asia Representative Office, Global Pacific & Partners Jurgen Hendrich, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer,17:50 Close of Day MEO Australia Limited 17:50 Cocktail Reception 12:20 Dart Energy: Unconventionals In Asia: The Future Eytan Uliel, Chief Commercial Officer, Dart Energy 19:00 PetroAsiana Club BBQ 12:40 Hydra: Independent Strategy In Asia Ian Dunderdale, Senior Vice President, Business Development,Day Two: Wednesday: 27th June 2012 Hydra Energy*08:00 Registration & Coffee Moderator: Andrew P. Kitts, Chief Executive Officer, Petro Caribbean Resources Ltd.09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners 13:00 Luncheon & Networking 14:00 Close of Day Session 5: Leading Players In Asia/Australasia09:10 Premier Oil: Southeast Asia Assets & Operations Wayne Spencer, New Ventures Manager, Asia, Premier Oil Corporate Showcase09:30 Roc Oil: Regional Strategy - China, Southeast Asia and Australasia Opportunity for companies, players, institutions, state bodies, Alan Linn, Chief Executive Officer, Roc Oil service/supply entities, and others to showcase their commercial and business ventures – whether corporate/ investor presentations,09:50 Oil Search: PNG In Focus: Oil-Gas-LNG farmouts, corporate deals, joint ventures, acreage, bid rounds, or Philip Caldwell, Executive General Manager, PNG LNG, technical data/services – in our Corporate Showcase suite during Oil Search Ltd the 17th Asia Oil Week 2012, with each Corporate Showcase for up to one and half hours duration, and marketed and advised to10:10 Carnarvon Petroleum: Core Focus In our delegates both prior to and at the event. Southeast Asia/Australia Adrian Cook, Managing Director, Carnarvon Petroleum Contact: for enquiries
  6. 6. PRE-REGISTRATIONRegistration Form 10% DISCOUNT PRIOR 30 APRIL 2012 PAYMENT DetailsTo Register complete & fax to: + 31 70 324 1741 ❑ Cheque: I enclose a chequeDenneweg 124,Global Pacific & Partners. made payable to Please send Cheques to 2514 CL The Hague,or register & pay online: The NetherlandsConference Fee Includes access to Presentations via our website, Refreshments, Luncheons, andNetworking Receptions per Event. Registration Fees do not include Travel & Accommodation. ❑ Bank Transfer Account: GPP Energy Advisors Ltd Bank: Marfin Popular Bank Public Co Ltd, 50 Kennedy Avenue, CY-1598,Nicosia,Cyprus Package Options Fee US Dollars Tick Account Nr: 178 32 054474 IBAN: CY74 0030 0178 0000 0178 3205 4474 BIC/SWIFT: LIKICY2N 21st Asia Petroleum: Strategy Briefing 2012 $ 1,750 17th Asia Upstream Conference 2012 $ 1,750 ❑ Credit Card: I will make payment online by Secure Credit Card Facility on Delegate Fee For Both Events $ 3,250 (Note that all Credit Cards are processed through NetBanx at the Sterling Rate Equivalent on the day of transaction and will reflect as a GBP Sterling transaction) Title Card Member’s Name Name Card Member’s Email Surname/Family Name Card Number Expiry Date Position Security Code No (AMEX 4 Digits Company VISA & MasterCard 3 Digits) Address Amount US DOLLARS Billing Address City Zip-Code Zip-City Code Country Country Tel Authorisation Signed Fax Date E-mail Booking Conditions & Contract Terms VAT number* Your booking is invoiced on registration by confirmation, with payment in full prior to any Conference and/or Strategy Briefing or separately bookable Dinner event, in order to affirm your position, entry and/or participation. In the case of any time-specific or other Discounts provided, the full sum of total fee/s will become automatically due, Accountant/Secretary and re-invoiced, if the period indicated for final payment is exceeded and monies due have not been received. Following the date of closure of all event/s, in the case of any outstanding fee/s unpaid, an automatic charge of an extra 10% will apply, and if E-mail/Tel still unpaid later than 30 days thereafter, another 10% charge will be due and levied.*VAT: European Companies should provide a VAT number as per new European Regulations Cancellation Policy & Replacements Your registration holds contractual obligation for payment/s due. However, any cancellation (in writing only) made 14 days prior to start of event will be refunded. Hotel Information Thereafter, refunds will not apply but delegates will receive online access to relevant Please Send Sponsor Options Conference Presentations. Replacements are welcome. On Receipt of registration form, delegates will be liable for full payment due under this contract unless Please Send Exhibition Options cancellation has been made and duly acknowledged. Visa Letter RequestedI accept responsibility for Registration Fees payable on receipt of invoice and for any Cancellation Fees VENUEincurred by myself or my Company. An invoice will be sent on receipt of registration Goodwood Park Hotel 22 Scotts Road SingaporeSignature Date Phone: +65 6737 7411 RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED BY GLOBAL PACIFIC & PARTNERS Press must be accredited PRIOR EVENT & will not be allowed entry on site contact us without Pre-Registration Denneweg 124 Ocean Financial CentreProgram Updates 2514 CL 10 Collyer Quay, Level 40All Changes to Speakers, Sessions, Times are notified on leading up to the Event The Hague, The Netherlands Singapore, 049315and Attendees are advised to check the website for all updates. t: +31 70 324 6154 t: +65 6808 6468 f: +31 70 324 1741 f: +65 6808 6467Data ProtectionWe respect your privacy and personal information is protected within our Company. However, information provided byyou on this form (excluding payment details) may at times be made available to clients/associated partner for marketing @:, jessica@glopac-partners.compurposes. To restrict please contact us: