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3 kinds of shoes that you shouldn’t wear to a job interview


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3 kinds of shoes that you shouldn’t wear to a job interview

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3 kinds of shoes that you shouldn’t wear to a job interview

  1. 1. 3 KINDS OF SHOES THAT YOU SHOULDN’T WEAR TO A JOB INTERVIEWWomen are addicted to shoes. They can change your entire look. You don’t have to be a masterin the art of shoes to get this one right. Here are some shoes to avoid for your benefit of nailingthat interview.TOWERING HEELSComplaining about your swollen feet from wearing those towering heels is something no onewants to deal with. The saying “beauty is pain” can’t always be applied especially for yourdream job interview. Do not forget that the interviewer is after your abilities, not by the look ofyour shoes. Wearing more than 3 inches of heels will definitely make you uncomfortable.INFORMAL SNEAKERSWhether it is a rainy day or not, sneakers are not good to wear. Why? They show thatunprofessional side of you. Wearing sneakers to an interview will make you look like you camefrom a marathon. It could mean that you are not serious about the job interview if you look laidback. Dress Designer Shoes should be worn even if you plan to commute to your destination.The job interview is important as it is their first impression of you. Be diligent regarding yourfootwear even if your interviewer can’t see them.BOLD SANDALSOpen-toed shoes and sandals shouldn’t be considered as options to wear for that job interview.Being too casual is not the impression you want to leave with your interviewer. Save those © 2012
  2. 2. shoes for leisurely walks outside of the office. Your job interview will call you to step out of yourcomfort zone and play it safe to be able to get by. You must strictly follow the dress code givenfor employees when you get the job. Place your comfortable shoes into the cabinet and put ona pair that is right for the work place.If you are not a regularized worker of that company you’ve been eyeing, it doesn’t give youaccess to wear rundown footwear. It does not matter if they are your favorite because wearingthem will mean suicide for that job interview. Feel free to bring a pair of Discount shoes thatare both presentable and easy to wear for the whole day.From reading tips we have stated, we hope that you have learned more about appropriatewear. In summary, you need a pair of presentable footwear that are dark shaded, closed toes,clean and not higher than 3 inches. These simple tips will make you ready if you follow themcorrectly.Online Web 2.0 Version “3 Kinds of Shoes That You Shouldnt Wear to a Job Interview“You can read the online version of this press release here. © 2012