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adCom Plus is an Integrated Mobile Marketing Platform that connects consumers with brands. With a strong management having experience in diverse fields, adCom Plus is currently working with some of the big brand names and ad agencies in India.

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Edu plus

  1. 1. eduPlus Solution for Leading Schools and Colleges adCom|plus
  2. 2. adCom|plus About Us Mobile Applications & Brand Marketing Platform • Applications are mobile solutions/extensions for enterprises — Education Administration and Pedagogical applications — m-Governance, ERP and CRM solutions for industry verticals • Effectively connect with consumers — 929 million wireless and 32 million wireline subscribers — 373 million mobile internet (GPRS, Edge) — Rich Brand experience — Market insight and channel intelligence — Mobile Communications Products — Industry Vertical Specific 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd
  3. 3. adCom|plus Keep College, Students & Parents in Touch • Make information available to students and parents via mobile • Update important/time-sensitive information to students, staff and parents groups via mobile • Receive e-mail with consolidated queries from students and parents • Seek action from students, staff and parents • Get customized college performance analysis and report • Optional school/college internal resource planning (ERP) using mobile (e.g., attendance, leave application, etc.) 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd
  4. 4. adCom|plus Benefits • Facilitate real-time information exchange by groups • Communicate anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your mobile • Minimize in-person and over-phone query • Unlike voice message which can be prone to hearing errors, textual and precise message • 24x7 automated information • On-demand and personalized information • Secured solution with privacy guard, designed for use by enterprise • Extremely easy to use – Only one service number; no other mobile numbers to be remembered – One message to send to a group; one letter to query information 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd
  5. 5. adCom|plus eduPlus 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd adComPlus Education Solution • Solution based on Real-time Mobile Platform (RMP) using SMS and missed-calls • All SMS/missed-call to a Single 10-digit local number • All SMS sent using a school/college id • Consolidated report(s) to administrator(s) by e-mail • No-application; hosted solution by adComPlus • Can be integrated with ERP systems using web services • Supports business intelligence • Advanced solution based on GPRS available
  6. 6. adCom|plus eduPlus Setup 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd INTERNET Administrator Professor adComPlus WEB SERVER EMAIL WITH CONSOLIDATED EXCEL REPORT Notice and response sent via SMS Students Staff Parents Inquiry and response sent via SMS
  7. 7. adCom|plus eduPlus - Details 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd • Basic inquiry by sending a single letter SMS to a local mobile • ID (e.g., roll no., emp. id., etc.), mobile number uniquely identifies Student, Staff, Parent and Teacher/Administrator • Response returned by SMS • Messages sent to all in desired course, year, group(s), and individuals • The school/college receives consolidated Excel report by email – At periodic time intervals or on demand – Data analysis of reported data possible • Customizable Menu, information and analytics
  8. 8. adCom|plus Sample Message Template for College Administrators 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd Help Menu SMS sent to college administrators as response to Missed-Call/SMS: Message: Dear Mr. Sahu, To send message to Staff/Students/Parents please sms: T/S/P All/Course/CourseYear/I<id>/G<Group> msg-to-send Use , to separate multiple recipients.
  9. 9. adCom|plus Sample Message Template for Students and Parents 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd Help Menu SMS sent to Students as response to Missed- Call/SMS: Message: Dear Ms. Kapoor, Please send reply SMS with: A – Attendance D – Admission Date E – Exams F – Fees M message – Send message to college H – Homework R – Sessional Results
  10. 10. adCom|plus6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd
  11. 11. adCom|plus6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd
  12. 12. adCom|plus Sample Message Templates (contd.) 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd Messaging from College: Message1: <Important all-staff meeting 1/9 4-5pm. Please confirm attendance by 4pm today. - Principal> SendTo: <T All> Message2: <Dear Rekha, your physics assignment 1 is now overdue. Please submit by Sep 7 for consideration. – HoD, Phys> SendTo: <S Student ID of Rekha> Messaging from Student: Message3: <H> Response3: Homework: Eng: Essay writing, due 3/9 Phil: Solve Q9-15 on pg.87-88 of textbook, due 4/9
  13. 13. adCom|plus Example Inquiry Report to College 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd Date Time Student/ Parent Name Course/ Year Mobile No. Message
  14. 14. adCom|plus Pricing 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd • No IT infrastructure required • Pay as-you go; Affordable even by weak section parents • Monthly rental based on number of students and administrators/staffs – To be finalized after detail understanding of the requirements • Data-entry and support person optionally provided at cost • Significant discounts for large user bases.
  15. 15. adCom|plus Launch 6-Sep-13 adComPlus Solutions Pvt Ltd • The college prepares two tables • A table of the students: – Name, Unique Id (such as, roll number), Course, Year – Mobile number – Parent(s) mobile number(s) – Groups to which student belongs (optional, e.g. athletics) – Other info. to be given (e.g., marks, projects, etc.) • A table for staff/teachers/professors/administrators – Name, Unique Id (such as, employee number), Course[s], Year[s] – Mobile number – Groups to which they belong
  16. 16. Thank You adCom|plus adComPlus Solutions Private Limited Tel: +91 77383 85000 E-mail: