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Sun moon star review kn


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Published in: Technology
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Sun moon star review kn

  1. 1. SCIENCEREVIEWSun, Earth, Moon
  2. 2. SOLAR SYSTEMCenter of the Solar System = Sun8 major planets + 1 dwarfPlanet Inner Planets / Rock Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars ::: Asteroid Belt Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Outer Planets / Gas Giants Pluto
  3. 3. SUNRises from what direction? EastSets in what direction? WestWhy does the Sun appear to move Earth ROTATE on its axisacross the sky during the day? Earth ROTATE on its axisWhy don’t we see the Sun at night?The Sun is the only _____ in the StarSolar System.Why does the Sun appear in Earth ORBITS around the Sundifferent place through out the year?
  4. 4. PHASE OF THE MOONThe different shapes we see the moon is called what? PHASES OF THE MOONThe main 4 Phases of the Moon are... New, First Quarter (half), Full, and Third Quarter (half)Why does the Moon appears to move across the sky? Earth ROTATES on its axisWhy do we see different Phases of the Moon? Moon ORBITS around the Earth
  5. 5. PHASES OF THE MOONHow many days does it take for the Moon to ORBITaround the Earth? About 28 days (1 month)What PHASE of the Moon is considered thebeginning Phase of the Moon? New
  6. 6. CONSTELLATIONWhat is a CONSTELLATION? A group of stars that forms a recognizable shape, usually an animal, person, or object.What is a STAR? A great ball of gas that gives off heat and light.Why can’t we see the stars in the day time? The light from the Sun (the closest star to us) is very bright that blocks out the light from the other stars.What scientific instrument/tool do we use to look at objects far away? Telescope
  7. 7. CONSTELLATIONName some constellations...
  8. 8. VOCABULARYSun = The center of the Solar System; the only star inthe Solar SystemSolar System = The Sun and 8 planets that ORBITaround itOrbit = the process of one object going aroundanother objectRotate = the process of an object turning on an“invisible” axis
  9. 9. VOCABULARYPhases of the Moon = different shapes of the moonthat we see at nightConstellation = a group of stars that forms arecognizable shape, usually an animal, person, orobjectStar = a ball of gas that gives off light and heatTelescope = a scientific instrument/tool we use to seeobjects far far away