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Check out the new revolution in using low-earth orbit and space station via NanoRacks!

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  1. 1. Low Cost Market Leader in Space UtilizationPriced forIndividuals and GovernmentsSmall satellites launching from ISS!
  2. 2. NanoRacks Business ModelNanoRacks owns and has NASA permission to marketits own hardware onboard the International SpaceStation and beyond.Today we are the go-to company in a new revolutionin space use.We employ commercial practises that provide quickerand more reliable access to spacePrices allow for STEM high-school projects andGovernment Research Projects
  3. 3. NASA Relationship2009 Space Act Agreement with NASA to provideaccess to the US National Lab in SpaceSecured from longstanding relationships in NASA andcommercial philosophyNASA and Congress eager to see return via publicutilization from the $100 billion investment in ISS
  4. 4. NanoRacks Platform-1 and NR-2 Two research platforms developed andfunded by NanoRacks in just six months; 16 payload slots in the CubeSat formfactor of 10 cm by 10 cm by 10 cm USB standard interface Allows the ultimate plug-and-play forfor payloads—customers includes studentsand researchersPermanent addition to U.S. National Labon Space Station.NanoRacks NanoLabPlatforms Three researchplatforms developed andfunded by NanoRacks injust six months:o 16 payload slots in formfactor of 10 cm by 10 cmby 10 cmo USB standard interfaceo Allows the ultimate plug-and-playo Over 80 payloadcustomers to date,including students andresearchers
  5. 5. NanoRacks Commercial Laboratoryo Three NanoRacksresearch platformso Two microscopeso Centrifugeo Biological Plate Readero Protein Crystal Growthexperimentso Data returns to customero On board poweravailableo Return of payloadspossible
  6. 6. Astronauts Using NanoRacks HardwareFor Customer
  7. 7. Small Satellite Launches1st company tocommercially deploysmall satellites from theInternational SpaceStationo Deploys satellites from 1 to 3kg. Larger satellites possibleo Typical on-orbit duration of 1-6 months.o First satellite deployed 4thQuarter 2012; signed for 2013o Interest from educational,researcher and internationalcustomerso Dozens of satellites frommultiple countries now underagreement for deployment!
  8. 8. Being built now by EADS-Astrium for 2014. Providescommercial access to theouteside space environmentfrom the convenience of theInternational Space Stationo Sensor Target Testingo Biological Testingo Live Camera/VideoStreamingo Satellite ComponentsTestingFirst customer for EPPannounced 3Q 2012 - Centerfor the Advancement ofScience in Space (CASIS).NanoRacks ExternalPlatform Program(EPP)
  9. 9. o $60k commercial per NanoLab, $30k for schoolso $80k per kg for satellite deploymentso $1.5 million per payload on external platform withroomer for up to 16 payloadso Discounts for larger experiments or bulk orderso Various pricing for use of lab equipmento Trips to space on 5 different vehicles. Missions every 1-2months.2013 Pricing.
  10. 10. o Basic and Applied Researcherso Educational (Universities, School Districts, High Schools)o Small satellite operatorso Federal Agencieso Aerospace firmso Space technology developerso Israeli, German, Saudi and other international customersOver 80 payloads delivered to date. Currently over 80payloads under contractAverage time to date from contract signing to delivery tolaunch is 9 months (vs 3 years for government)Customers for Our Hardware and Services.
  11. 11. No Limit to Customer MarketSilicon Valley high schoolstudent experimentsfrom Valley ChristianHigh SchooliPhone onboard SpaceStation for Odyssey SpaceResearch
  12. 12. International CustomersScience experiments withKACST in Saudi Arabia andNSL in IsraelVietnamese small satellite
  13. 13. Research in biopharma industryFisher InstituteProtein Crystal Growthexperiments with Emerald Bio
  14. 14. Significant Customers in the Pipeline.o Deployment of a large imaging satellite constellationo DoD / Air Force Research Lab tech demonstrationpayloadso Consumer Payloadso NASAo Biopharma/pharmaceutical experiments
  15. 15. Management Team.Jeffrey Manber, CEO: former CEO of MirCorp (first ever commerciallease of an orbiting space station), executive at AstroVision, EnergiaUSA, PanAmSat, and Shearson Lehman.Michael Johnson, CTO: former VP of Advanced Programs atSPACEHAB. Developer of the NanoLabChristopher Cummins, SVP Programs and Acting CFO: formerDirector at Citigroup.Richard Pournelle, VP Business Development: former Director ofBusiness Development at XCOR Aerospace
  16. 16. .Come join with us in utilizing the most valued realestate outside of the Earth onboard theInternational Space Station!