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Aceconference 2013 Kanban, Remember Why


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My presentation from AceConf13.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Aceconference 2013 Kanban, Remember Why

  1. 1. Kanban. Remember why?
  2. 2. Jasper Sonnevelt
  3. 3. “Who uses some form ofagile (method)?”
  4. 4. “Do you still know whyyou started using „X?”
  5. 5. We use Kanban because…“We want to improveScrum because we have alot of ad-hoc work”“Kanban helps us toreduce multitasking”“To see how we arespending our time ”
  6. 6. Energy goes UPWhen starting
  7. 7. Energy goes UPPlenty of improvementsWhen starting
  8. 8. Energy goes UPPlenty of improvementsLots of conversations and feedbackWhen starting
  9. 9. “How did you chooseyou agile flavor?”
  10. 10. WhyHowWhat“The golden circle”All successfulleaders, teams,organizationsAct, think andcommunicate in theexact same waySimon Sinek – Start with why
  11. 11. WhyHowWhat“The golden circle”Product / solutionSimon Sinek – Start with why
  12. 12. WhyHowWhat“The golden circle”Process / USPProduct / solutionSimon Sinek – Start with why
  13. 13. WhyHowWhat“The golden circle”Motivation/purposeProcess / USPProduct / solutionSimon Sinek – Start with why
  14. 14. You have options!WHY HOW WHAT
  15. 15. Lets imagine a team ofdevelopers…
  16. 16. Simon Sinek – Start with why“We want to:– Reduce stress– Have a happy customer– Be transparent”WhyHowWhatMotivation/purpose
  17. 17. WhyHowWhat“We think we can do this by:– Getting a grip on ad-hocwork– Involving our customer– Making small changes inour process– (implement Kanban)”Process / USPSimon Sinek – Start with why
  18. 18. “To do so we will:– Put up a board–Stand-ups and retrospectives– Work at our clients officefrequently– Limit our WiP”WhyHowWhatProductSimon Sinek – Start with why
  19. 19. One of the reasons whycopying a workprocessdoesn‟t work!
  20. 20. Next Intake Dev Test DoneVisualize a status to makesure customer is involvedand work is acually readyto startImplications fordesign decisions
  21. 21. Next Intake Dev Test DoneAdd extra swimlanes tomanage riskImplications fordesign decisions
  22. 22. Implications formuch more…LocationProcess PoliciesMetrics
  23. 23. “So did you go insideout? Or outside in?”
  24. 24. Kanban has thisStart with what you do nowAgree to pursue incrementalevolutionary change
  25. 25. Fast forward a year….
  26. 26. ResultsEffort…the results are good,but the effort it takesgoes down.Its like…
  27. 27. It feels like……we have “stuff” in thesystem that makes NOsense…
  28. 28. Energy StableNot that manyimprovementsLots of conversationsand feedback
  29. 29. “Don‟t worry about it…We‟re still doing fine!”
  30. 30. “Why are you using Kanban?”– “We want to keep a grip on ad-hoc work– Involve our customer– Make small changes in our process– (implement Kanban)”
  31. 31. You now have LESS options!WHY HOW WHAT
  32. 32. You now have LESS options!WHY HOW WHAT}
  33. 33. The 3 questions…1) What did you do yesterday?Still working on A andgot interupted to helpwith X
  34. 34. The 3 questions…Continue to work onA. Shouldn‟t be longnow1) What did you do yesterday?2) What will you do today?
  35. 35. 1) What did you do yesterday?2) What will you do today?3) Are there impediments in yourway?The 3 questions…Nope…
  36. 36. The 4th question…4) When will it be ready?Ehhh…
  37. 37. Does it work?External motivationShort term resultsSustainable
  38. 38. Every day improvement…ImprovementsProblem ………….ProblemProblemProblemProblemProblemProblemProblem
  39. 39. Every day improvement…ImprovementsProblem ………….ProblemProblemProblemProblemProblemProblemProblem
  40. 40. Does it work?External motivationShort term resultsSustainable
  41. 41. Visualize the Why“We want to….”
  42. 42. Does it work?External motivationShort term resultsSustainable
  43. 43. Time limit policies
  44. 44. Get somebody from the outsideWhat isthis for?CoachesPeople from other teams
  45. 45. Tips from the audience• Have a retrospective where all policiesare rated (get rid of / keep / Add)• Add stickies with “how is this usefulfor you”• Thanks to: Karol Traczykowski
  46. 46. Thank you