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New Media Driver's License Final SlideShow Presentation: IMG Worldwide

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  • Adv 420 nmdl final presentation

    1. 1. IMG WorldwideMarketing Strategy Jennifer O’Neill
    2. 2. f Sports.Entertainment.Media IMG Worldwide is a global sports, fashion and media business, with nearly 3,000 employees operating in more than 30 countries around the globe. IMGs areas of expertise are diverse and wide ranging highlighting those areas of sports, entertainment, fashion, and media. Sports. IMG College is the leader in collegiate marketing, licensing and media rights, IMG Media is the world’s largest independent producer and distributor of sports programming. Entertainment. IMG Events and Federations owns and manages some of the most sought after events, IMG Fashion owns and operates fashion events around the world, IMG Models represents the worlds top models and leading designers. Media. IMG Art+Commerce represents the most influential photographers, art directors and stylists and finally, IMG Licensing is considered one of the premier independent licensing companies in the sports, fashion and media world.
    3. 3. The Big Idea. Formulating a marketing strategy for a company that has such a wide range of services and expertise about those services has been quite a challenge. However, I do believe that there are ways to increase their social media, Internet, and mobile marketing. My overall idea is to focus on rebuilding their name, by attaching it to more of their events and clients, and by renovating their brand appearance through social medias, Google AdWords, and mobile marketing.
    4. 4. Social Media: Facebook & TwitterAfter some research, I noticed that IMG’s social media presence was more prevalent than I had anticipated. They have very active Facebook andTwitter accounts — however, they’re not as well “linked” as they could be.There needs to be a distinct connection between IMG Worldwide and their clients and events, and the way to do this is to constantly be mentioning clients with tags and hashtags, links and videos. Making their social media sites more interactive will help promote their services as well as their current clients. And because IMG Worldwidedoesn’t cater to the every day average person, linking tags and videos will help people who aren’t their clients recognize their name. Social media can help IMG become more recognizable to people who wouldn’t normally recognize them or associate themselves with IMGWorldwide — just because IMG doesn’t sell to everyone doesn’t mean that they can’t market themselves to everyone.
    5. 5. Google AdWords Campaign Personally I don’t believe IMG should really put into their Internet marketing strategy because of the fact that not every person is going to be searching daily for the services that IMG provides — therefore, the only Internet marketing that should be focused on is the marketing of their success. We can compile a Google AdWords campaign and use phrases that are specific to each ofIMG’s top branches and advertise the success of IMG whether it be through the athletes they represent, the events they coordinate, or the models and photographers they represent. Using Google Tools will allow us to enter the phrases we want IMG to be associated with, and depending on what was searched for (i.e sports, entertainment, fashion, media, photography, etc.) Google will automatically enter the associated Google AdWords phrase or ad.
    6. 6. Mobile Strategy When it comes to a mobile strategy I think the best idea would be for IMG to create an app that would offer people real-time updates about their clients. This would be a great way to brand themselves as well as link themselves with their clients. This would also allow them to play off of their social media marketing (Facebook and Twitter). Sports, media, fashion, and entertainment updates would be available and users would be able to choose all or specific IMG branches they would like to follow. This way, IMG is connected with someone’s favorite player, team, model, or event and consumers would be able to easily make that connection.
    7. 7. Integration of Strategies What’s great about the strategies I have laid out for IMG is that they are all able to be integrated with one another. Social media can easily be connected to a mobile phone app by simply requiring the user to ‘sign-up’ with a Facebook or Twitter account. Also, when using the IMG app users can alert their Friends/Followers that they are doing so, and there can also be an option to ‘Share’ the news that they read on the IMG app with their online network. Google AdWords can be integrated with both social media and mobile phone marketing because Google is available on smart phones and can provide ads and direction based on what someone is looking up at the moment, and Google can also connect social media users through their specific interests and search history.
    8. 8. Metrics of Success Measuring the success of this new marketing strategy is going to be slightly different for IMG Worldwide than it would be for other business types. We’re not looking to make more sales necessarily, I believe the success that will come to IMG will be in the form of notoriety, awareness, and association. However what we can measure will be the activity on their social media pages, the quantity of clicks through Google AdWords, and also the amount of mobile apps purchased.
    9. 9. Proposed Budget To accomplish the set out goals of this marketing strategy, I’d propose a budget to IMG Worldwide of 2.5 million dollars. This would cover the mobile app, updates, emails, the Google AdWords campaigns for all of the different branches, as well as additional employee payment. By furthering their Internet marketing strategy I believe that IMG Worldwide will increase their presence in both markets of potential clients, as well as those people who wouldn’t necessarily ever see IMG. Increasing awareness of IMG now, through their current clients will help to gain clients for IMG Worldwide in the future.
    10. 10. Sources••• Scott, David Meerman. New Rules of Marketing and PR.• Google Images