New Features 2007


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New Features 2007

  1. 1. Millennium Releases 2007 / 2009A
  2. 2. List of New Features – Circulation • High-Demand Holds report • Improved Look for Self Check-out • Ecommerce and Self Check-out • Renewing Items with Bib-Level Holds – Web Management Reports – New Spreadsheet Interface – OPAC • My Account – My List • Forgot Your PIN? functionality – Other Improvements
  3. 3. Circulation: Improved Look for Self Checkout (Express Lane)
  4. 4. Circulation: Detail of Improved Look for Self Checkout (Express Lane) The clarity and the consistency of the optional Millennium Express Lane interface will be improved. Buttons will have more of a "button" feel and the overall look will be streamlined and cleaner. In Release 2007, the printer settings for printing due slips in the Millennium Express Lane product will be retained and will not have to be reset each time the module is launched.
  5. 5. Circulation: Ecommerce and Self Checkout (Express Lane) If the Card Swipe for Ecommerce for Express Lane feature is enabled, after a patron chooses to pay fines at the Current Fines and Charges window, the system displays the Pay Fines with Credit Card screen at which the patron uses a card reader (also known as a magnetic stripe reader) to enter payment information.
  6. 6. Circulation: Renewing Items with Bib-Level Holds The Millennium system can be configured to enable you to override the block on renewing items with title-level holds. By default, items are blocked from renewal if a hold is placed on the title. If the Renew Title Holds feature is enabled, the system gives you the option to override the block on renewing held titles.
  7. 7. Web Management Reports: New Spreadsheet Interface for selected reports The spreadsheet interface currently includes selected reports from the full suite of reports available through the Web browser interface. Future releases will include additional reports. The new interface simplifies the specification of report parameters, exports reports to a spreadsheet on your PC, and saves report data on the server. Use the Create tab for creating: All Circulation Activity, Checkouts, Patrons & Crosstab Reports Use the Review tab for: Viewing & Deleting existing reports. [No graphics available.]
  8. 8. OPAC: ‘My Account’ New Feature – My Lists To add records to My Lists from the index browse or brief citation, check the mark box next to the appropriate records and then click the Save to My Lists icon.
  9. 9. OPAC: Viewing My Lists in ‘My Account’ Click on the My Lists icon in My Account to view, delete or export your lists. Select a list to view the details.
  10. 10. OPAC: ‘Forgot your PIN’? It will be possible for patrons with a current email address in their patron record to recover a lost PIN through a standard "Forgot your PIN?" function.
  11. 11. Other Improvements • My Account - A prominent warning will be provided above the list of checked out material as well as by the individual affected records when a renewal fails. • OPAC - A new option will allow the placement of a "Nearby on Shelf" search link by the item information on the bibliographic record display. • E-Commerce – The total in the Payment Form automatically updates after changes. The Recalculate button is no longer used. • Circulation – Optional retention of previous five patron record numbers that checked in an item.
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