The beauty and the beast


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The beauty and the beast

  1. 1. Standard • Year: 1991 • Director: Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise • Scriptwriter: Linda Woolverton • Original language: English
  2. 2. Main CharaCters • Robby Benson ··········· (Beast) • Paige O’hara ·············· (Beauty) • Rex Everhart ············· (Maurice) • Angela Lansvury·······(Sra.Potts) • Jerry Orbach ············· (Lumiere) • David Ogden Siters··· (Din Don) • Bradley Pierce ··········· (Chip) • Richard White ············ (Gaston) • Jesse Carti ················· (Lefou)
  3. 3. • Beauty: daughter of Maurice, loves books. • Beast: a prince with a spell that turns him into a beast.
  4. 4. • Gaston: the village boy who wants to get married at all costs with beautiful, regardless of her feelings. • Lafou: Gaston’s friend. • Maurice: Belle’s father, an inventor. People believe that he is crazy. • Servants of the castle: the teapot Mrs. Pots, Chip cup son of Mrs. Pots, Ding Dong, standing candlestick Lumiere, Fifi the feather duster and wardrobe.
  5. 5. Plot • Beauty is a young dreamer who lives in a village with his father Maurice. Maurice lost one day to the forest and ends up being a prisoner of the beast. Exchange is beauty when his father, a beast that has to be good heart and love. In the end, after fighting between Gaston and the Beast, the winner meets with beautiful, they kiss and break the spell.
  6. 6. songs • Beauty’s song x2 YouTube - Belle (Beauty & the beast) • Gaston’s song x2 YouTube - Beauty and The Beast – Gaston • Beauty and the beast YouTube - Beauty & the Beast • Be our guest • YouTube - Be our Guest