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The (Digital) Place You Love Is Gonel


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Taking a cue from Melissa Holbrook Pierson's "The Place You Love Is Gone: Progress Hits Home," this Ignite-style talk at SXSW 12 looks

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The (Digital) Place You Love Is Gonel

  1. 1. The (Digital) Place You Love Is Gone: Loss in Space BUILT 2012 Joe Sokohl @mojoguzziFriday, March 16, 2012Progress has an impact on our selves...not just physical progress, but digital as well. SouthBycertainly focuses on progress. Im interested in “at what cost.”
  2. 2. okP iers aHolbro Me lissFriday, March 16, 2012So, I am starting with this great book by the wonderful Melissa Holbrook Pierson.She talks about how important place is to us...and what we experience when it changes, andchanges drastically.
  3. 3. Friday, March 16, 2012Her books like “The Perfect Vehicle: What It Is About Motorcycles” and “The Man Who WouldStop at Nothing” deal with place, self, and change as well.
  4. 4. ʼt re call can you frie nds all the all? t at lly exis rea do t hey, March 16, 2012The great Lowell George of little Feat, in “Easy to Slip,” sings about loss.Our sense of self is tied to our sense of place...
  5. 5. Friday, March 16, 2012Sometimes those memories have to do with family, with friends, with people...but usuallypeople in a place.
  6. 6. Friday, March 16, 2012What happens when we return to those places....and theyre changed. Do those people reallyexist at all anymore?
  7. 7. Friday, March 16, 2012Our sense of self is strongly tied to place. Many of us can tie memory to a mall or house orsynagogue. Here is where you kissed your first girl...there is where you shoplifted a bag ofSwedish Fish...
  8. 8. Friday, March 16, 2012...and when progress radically alters that landscape, we are lost. Now, the place you loved isso much broken signage....disappeared, non-existent shops...
  9. 9. Friday, March 16, 2012...broken pavement, or at worst, simply nothingness. Atreyu lost. The Nothing won.
  10. 10., March 16, 2012Altered landscapes affect our cognitive processes, whether theyre physical or digital. At onetime, this is what folks longed for. Even Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan reflected its meme, nowlong forgotten.
  11. 11. Friday, March 16, 2012and, sometimes, our digital home just gets...bulldozed.
  12. 12. Friday, March 16, 2012Sometimes we look back with fondness at our first forays into a digital anchor. How manystarted here with TheFacebook?
  13. 13. Friday, March 16, 2012Then renovation radically refaces our home. When several of these changes happened, lots offolks expressed their anger
  14. 14. Friday, March 16, 2012...and when it moves the line even further afield, frustration, loss, and anger bubble up to thefore.
  15. 15. Friday, March 16, 2012Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, coming from the Greek for ”home” and ”pain”
  16. 16. erie nce exp atio n of nific suburba, March 16, 2012The impending suburbanification of the digital experience promises to fragment ourrelationship with our digital homes
  17. 17. Friday, March 16, 2012Some firms have been working at radically altering how we think about debt, tasks, and time.Great stuff
  18. 18., March 16, 2012Yet at some point, dont we just wanna go back in time? Strains of Huey Lewis waftsomewhere behind us.
  19. 19. u that! ld y o a to Ic ouldFriday, March 16, 2012And so at the end of every hard-working day, people find some reason to believe
  20. 20. So... • Realize the effect design changes have • Provide a path for folks to go home • Understand how loss affects people • Avoid unintended design disjunct • Know that we all wanna go back in time Many thanks Joe Sokohl 1.804.873.6964 @mojoguzziFriday, March 16, 2012So there you have it. Many thanks!