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Film 260 Flipbook:Cybersafety


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Teens don’t often recognize that without proper cyber safety precautions, they could be risking not only their privacy, but their physical safety as well.

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Film 260 Flipbook:Cybersafety

  1. 1. Sean MacEntee (Flickr)
  2. 2. Meet Ashleigh Hall An ordinary 17 year old teenager -Well-liked by her peers -Dreamed of becoming a child minder Major features of her everyday life: Internet + Mobile phone Total Facebook Friends: ≈400 (Google Images)
  3. 3. One day, Ashleigh disappeared after telling her mom she was going to sleep over at her friend’s house Clipart (Google Images)
  4. 4. Truth is… Ashleigh was actually going out to meet up with a teenaged boy she met on Facebook (Google Images)
  5. 5. That “teenage” boy turned out to be a 33 year old convicted double rapist who posed as a teenager to lure Ashleigh Wikimedia Commons (Google Images)
  6. 6. Ashleigh was instantly kidnapped, raped, and killed by the 33 year old rapist. Her mother and family never saw her again… (Google Images)
  7. 7. Wikimedia Commons (Google Images)
  8. 8. Why tell Ashleigh’s story? Stefan Baudy (Flickr)
  9. 9. All images taken from Flickr
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  11. 11. “72% of teens have a social networking profile and 47% have a public profile viewable by anyone”- Cox Communications Teen Internet Safety Survey Sean MacEntee (Flickr)
  12. 12. “55% of teens have given out personal information, photos, and physical descriptions to someone they don’t know”- Teen Facebook Statistics, Top Ten Reviews LLewleyn Williams a.k.a. SCUD (Flickr) Paul. Klintworh (Flickr)
  13. 13. “67% of teenagers say they know how to hide what they do from parents”- Teen Facebook Statistics, Top Ten Reviews (Google Images)
  14. 14. Flickr Edith Soto (Flickr)
  15. 15. 2,332 arrests for Internet sex crimes against minors involved social networking sites LLewleyn Williams a.k.a. SCUD (Flickr)
  16. 16. 81% of internet initiated crimes involving a social networking site were more likely to result in a face-to-face meeting. Martin Gommel (Flickr)
  17. 17. Don’t make the same mistake Ashleigh made
  18. 18. Kat N.L.M (Flickr)
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