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A Snapshot of Instagram Usage in the Philippines


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A Snapshot of Instagram Usage in the Philippines

  1. a snapshot ofInstagramin the Philippines A research by Jason Cruz for and MRM Worldwide Manila
  2. Instagram is a popular socialplatform in the Philippines.Howis it being used?
  3. Very Heavy Heavy # of Instagram Users Medium Light 0 10 20 30 40 50 Instagram is mostly used between only 1-4 times a week. Light user (1-4); Medium (5-7); heavy (8-14); very heavy (more than 2x daily) - Instagram usage per week.
  4. What do Filipinosphotograph with Instagram?
  5. use Instagram to takephotographs oftravel/scenery and food
  6. 67.7% photographthemselves
  7. 51.5% 49.5% 48.5% 47.5% Photos of Objects, Printed Materials, Pets/Animals, and Clothes each make up around 1/2 of all Instagram usage
  8. 15.2%use Instagram for breaking news
  9. Instagram users are mostly65.7% WOMEN 26.3% 8.0%
  10. Age Spread of Users9/10of Instagram users areunder 35 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-45 45+
  11. 41.4% of Filipino Instagram users are students52.6% are income earners
  12. Top 3 Gadgets of Instagram Users in the Philippines 37.40%24.20% 23.20%
  13. Filipinos love to share their Instagram photos
  14. 72.7%of Instagram users share photos on Facebook
  15. 28.3% The percentage of Instagram photos shared on Tumblr
  16. Methodology: Survey of one hundred (100) random Instagram users in the Philippines. Survey conducted via Survey Monkey. © Jason Cruz 2013 for and MRM Worldwide ManilaImage references:• Creative Commons: Caros’ Lines, Nikitab, eddi_07, SoulRiser, Ari Helminen, Captain Kobold, Carbon NYC, Jon Wick, Alamos Basement••••• The Noun Project: Blake Thompson, Kathryn Matuszak, Adam Mullin, Dmitry Sychkov, Chiara Cozzolino, Simon Child• Iconspedia -