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  1. 1. Maternity In 2007, the Government underlined the importance of providing high quality, safe and accessible maternity care. The figure below shows, there will be a rising number of live births in Barnet over the next five years, placing increasing demand on maternity and children’s services. Table showing projected live births in Barnet between 2007 - 2013 Further information about Maternity services can be found in the appendix. Key messages More women over the age of 30 years are having babies in Barnet and  those over 35 years are assessed as being an obstetric risk for delivery and are more likely to experience, for example pre-clampsia, diabetes and multiple births. Currently most births in Barnet take place in hospital.  Breast feeding coveys a number of benefits in early and adult life and  evidence indicates it reduces the later onset of coronary heart disease and diabetes. Barnet has an initial high uptake of breast feeding (90%) but this falls to 32.1% at six to eight weeks. London’s BME population is set to increase. 18% of Barnet’s births are  from ethnic minority populations. Evidence indicates a higher ratio of adverse health outcomes if appropriate services are not available to meet their needs