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The snowy owl.ppt fisher


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Published in: Education, Technology
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The snowy owl.ppt fisher

  1. 1. The Snowy OwlBy Fisher Anderson
  2. 2. Desciption Female top Male bottom Deep yellow eyes Biggest of all owls
  3. 3. Diet Snowy owls eat lemmings But some times eat arctic hare Only males hunt
  4. 4. Habitat Live on frigid tundra In the arctic circle Minus -0 conditions
  5. 5. Family  Have 3-16 eggs  Nest on ground  Male caches all the lemmings  If he does a bad job less offspring
  6. 6. HistorySnowy owls are not exstinctAnd are populatingThe population is not know
  7. 7. Facts #1 Eats over 1,600 lemmings per year Foot feathers are 1.4in. Whiter than polar bear Lives forty days off fat
  8. 8. Photos