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4 Components of Fitness


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4 Components of Fitness

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  2. 2. This tutorial is designed to: Equip you with expert knowledge of each of the 4 Components of Fitness. Understand which exercises go along with which Component of Fitness. Menu
  3. 3. Cardiorespiratory Muscular Strength Endurance Self-Test Muscular Flexibility Endurance
  4. 4. Cardiorespiratory Endurance Menu Next
  5. 5. Exercises Swimming Running Cycling Cardiorespiratory Endurance Walking Jogging AerobicsPrevious Menu Next
  6. 6. AssessmentA Max VO2 test in thelaboratory setting is the bestmeasure of cardiovascularfitness. Field tests includethe 12 minute run, the milerun, the mile walk, thePACER run for children andvarious bicycle, step, andtreadmill tests. Previous Menu
  7. 7. Muscular Strength Muscle strength can be defined as the capability of the muscles to lift weight. Weight training exercises done on everyalternate day increases the muscle mass of the body. Menu Next
  8. 8. ExercisesPush UpsPull UpsBack ExtensionsLeg ExtensionsBench PressArm CurlsPrevious Menu Next
  9. 9. Assessment For true assessment it wouldbe necessary to test each majormuscle group of the body. Laband field tests are similar andinvolve the assessment of one repetition maximum (the maximum amount of resistance you can overcome one time).Previous Menu
  10. 10. Muscular EnduranceMuscular endurance is defined as the ability of the body to perform repeated exercises without getting tired. If a person can perform more number of repetitions of aparticular strength training exercise, then it can be said that he/she has good muscular endurance. Menu Next
  11. 11. Exercises Running Jogging Biking Muscular EndurancePrevious Menu Next
  12. 12. Assessment Each major muscle group of the body is tested to check the endurance. They are based on thenumber of repetitions that can be performed by the specific muscle group being tested. Example: stationary bike or abdominal curls. Previous Menu
  13. 13. Flexibility Flexibility can be defined as the component which checks theability of the joints in the body tomove to their full range of motion. Menu Next
  14. 14. ExercisesPrevious Menu Next
  15. 15. Assessment Flexibility requires range of motion withoutdiscomfort or pain and it is specific to each joint ofthe body. It is typically measured in the lab using measurement devices such as a goniometer, flexometer. In the field, tests such as the sit and reach and the zipper are performed. Previous Menu
  16. 16. Here you will put your knowledge to the test. Click BEGINwhen you are ready to take the test. Each question has only ONE answer. Menu Begin
  17. 17. What is the best way to assess Cardiorespiratory Fitness? Push-Ups 12 Minute Run Sit-Ups Yoga
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  19. 19. Which exercise would increase Muscular Strength? Mile Run 12 Minute Run Bike Riding Push-Ups
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  22. 22. Muscular Endurance is defined as… the ability of the body to perform repeated exercises without getting tired. the ability of the body to perform one repetition using full exertion. running around in circles with your shirt on backwards.
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  24. 24. Don’t cry… Try Again Fine, you can try again.
  25. 25. Which is not a way to increase your Flexibility? Sit and Reach Push-Ups Yoga Pilates
  26. 26. FINISH!!!
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  28. 28.  physical-fitness.html building/the-5-components-of-physical-fitness.html Fitness&id=214948 Next
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