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  1. 1. ShopBy Jacob Slicker
  2. 2. Torch HolderI made a torch holderThe torch holder was the easiest projectThe torch needed holes drilled in it.
  3. 3. StoolThis is the first project I madeEveryone made the stool as a guidelineThere were certain length requirements used
  4. 4. SafetyWe always have to were safety goggles in theshopNo long clothing is allowedKeep your fingers away from any movingequipment
  5. 5. HammersHammers are pretty easy to useHammer the nails straight down into wood
  6. 6. Bird HouseMy second project was a birdhouseYou have to sand it down so it is not all splinteryI drew a blueprint to build it
  7. 7. SandingSanding makes the wood much smootherSanding also makes the wood look finished
  8. 8. BoxThe third project was a challengeIt was hard to hammer nails inI finished it slower than I thought
  9. 9. Wood StainingWhen we finished the stool we stained itWood staining keeps the wood from rottingIt also made the stool look nicer
  10. 10. RampThe last project I made was a rampAll it took was glue to keep it togetherIt only took me 2 days to put it together
  11. 11. SanderThe Sander is quick at sandingDon’t get your fingers to closeIt takes rough edges off your wood
  12. 12. Band SawThe Band Saw cuts angles in woodThere’s a brake that stops the bladeWe replace the blade when it brakes
  13. 13. Power SawThe Power Saw cuts wood in halfWe always line up with the angleWe have it on the right line to cut
  14. 14. Bench SawThe Bench Saw cuts pieces of woodWe adjust the back to the right sizeThe blade can be angled to cut wood
  15. 15. PlainerThe Plainer cuts layers off wood2 people need to work the PlainerThe Plainer makes your wood less thick
  16. 16. Drill PressThe Drill Press drills holes into woodIt can cut holes for a bird house
  17. 17. JigsawMakes cleaner cuts than the Band SawHarder to use than the Band SawThe blade is weaker than the Band Saw
  18. 18. Nails and ScrewsYou need the right size to useNails are used for smaller projectsScrews are used for more big sized projects
  19. 19. Dust SystemThe Dust System sucks up sawdustWe sweep dust into the Dust SystemWe push a button to turn it on
  20. 20. The end
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