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Senior Project hour work logs

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Work log

  1. 1. Product Work Log Name: Jessica Skender Date: March 26, 2012Product: Lesson Plan and Activity Sheet
  2. 2. Date/Time: Activity: I met my project facilitator, Comment/Suggestions9-15-11(one hour) Mr. LeBlanc for the first. : Commentary: Explained what the It went well, but at project entitled me to do. this point I was not10-11-11 (two hours) Activity: This was the first time that I exactly sure on all the went in and actually worked with the details of my project. students. Commentary: I went in during their I really enjoyed reading math time. I helped them with working hand on with their reading assignment, and helped the kids, and it Mrs. LeBlanc grade the students’ math actually made me assignment excited that I chose12-14-11(three hours) Activity: I went in and observed Mr. this as my project. LeBlanc teaching. Commentary: This was pretty much me going in to see what I would be It was very helpful. doing.2- 13- 12( one hour) Activity: This was a meeting I set up with my facilitator to discuss dates. We I ran into a problem decided it would be a good idea for me here because her to make a lesson plan for the students lesson plans on for something, she calls Calendar Time. Calendar time were Commentary: She gave me a copy of too basic for me to her lesson plans to learn from. understand. We decided to go with a different route.3-13-12 ( two hours) Activity: This time I went and observed Mrs. LeBlanc teaching the Mrs. LeBlanc gave me students Calendar Time. I also watched a list of standards her conduct a reading circle. students must know in Commentary: This helped me to order to pass; this was understand Calendar Time so I was good information that prepared to make a lesson plan. I could use in my3-13-12 (one hour) Activity: In this time I actually typed presentation up the lesson plans to make them look This was good to see professional. how lesson plans were Commentary: I felt typing them was to be set up in a necessary. professional way.
  3. 3. 3-14-12 (five hours) Activity: This was final day. I used this time to be in there all day with the On this day I really students I taught them Calendar Time, realized that teaching and then read them a story and went is what I want to. The over the literary elements of the story day went very with them. I also used this day to take smoothly and a majority of my work log photos. naturally; I actually Commentary: This was a great learning has fun with the kids. experience for me and it actual went a lot better than I thought it would. Activity: I added in this hour to show9/2011- 3/2012 for all the communication I did with There was a small(one hour) my facilitator to plan everything out. problem with Commentary: We communicated communication, and through e-mail that was due to timing. Mrs. LeBlanc only checked her email during school hours, and I could only check my email after school hours; so I just had to make sure everything was planned ahead of time.