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CSC Conversations


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CSC Conversations

  2. 2. CSC builds innovative IT solutions that help clients capitalize on the accelerating pace of change. Backed by a 55-year track record of success as one of the world’s largest independent integrators, our commitment to strategic partnerships guarantees clients access to next-gen technologies at the edge of innovation. We understand your needs like no other company – understanding that comes from our deep cross-industry expertise and our own transformation into a more agile company. We bring together the essential elements for you to win in today’s market. Delivering Innovation Together The road to next-gen IT requires careful consideration and thoughtful conversations with innovative subject- matter experts. Call your client executive or visit to schedule an appointment.
  4. 4. CYBER CONFIDENCE Protecting Enterprise Information & Value Information has become the most valuable asset of any enterprise, apart from its people. The threat to that information has risen in proportion to the value of information. As enterprise IT becomes fully integrated – from the smartphone, through the cloud, to the factory floor – using information effectively is a product of how well that information is secured. To fully protect against cyber threats, consider these steps: Integrate cybersecurity with business processes to make it a standard for the organization. Evaluate your current cybersecurity position. More than 17 percent of data breaches result from social engineering. CSC offers cybersecurity risk-management services that help you keep pace with today’s rapidly changing IT and threat environment. CSC ensures that our IT security solutions exceed industry security standards, help you transform risk into opportunity and enable you to engage in trusted transactions with clients, partners and suppliers worldwide. Maintain strong control over access rights to systems and information. Most data breaches occur immediately after an employee departs. Engage third-party managed services. This offers access to advanced tools and techniques that might be otherwise unaffordable. Plan for disruption and disasters. These events are unavoidable. Prepare for incidents that result in data loss or create denial-of-service attacks. A quick response will minimize business disruption.
  5. 5. THE CLOUD-EMPOWERED ENTERPRISE Accelerate Innovation, Speed Time to Market, Lower Operating Cost Competition and changing consumer expectations are forcing organizations to change rapidly and innovate. Addressing these challenges requires an IT operating model that drives innovation and accelerates time to market. Organizations require cloud agility to deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS). ITaaS allows increased market competitiveness, encourages experimentation and speeds application releases. To begin your journey to the cloud-empowered enterprise consider the following: An enterprise-wide commitment to change to realize the benefits of a cloud-enabled operating model. Assessment and prioritization of application portfolio and cloud-migration strategy to maximize value. Cloud application blueprints that are infrastructure independent, support simple to complex multi-tier applications and enable application portability among clouds. An enterprise hybrid cloud ecosystem that lets the workloads and applications guide choice based on cost, performance and governance requirements. Application-centric, policy-based hybrid- cloud management to enforce governance, compliance and security in a self-service model. Cloud-based DevOps acceleration to deliver applications faster with fewer operational issues. CSC migrates applications to a secure, as-a-service cloud-based model for clients worldwide. Our clients enjoy next-generation cloud management and infrastructure, millions of dollars in savings and over 40% lower annual IT infrastructure services costs. With CSC cloud, our clients’ IT investments rose 48% and time-to-market for custom enterprise applications improved by 78%, all with a constant budget.
  6. 6. MOBILITY IN AN ‘ALWAYS-ON’ WORLD Sensor data is pouring into corporate data warehouses from machines and mobile devices, while the BYO (bring your own) movement is changing the relationship between IT and users. Applications are more available than ever, delivering business-changing insights directly to those who can use them most. To make sure your business benefits: Identify the appropriate cases for mobility. Mobilizing the right processes benefits the entire enterprise value chain, drawing focus to what is unique to a particular business process. Channel the driving force behind the mobile revolution—users. Adopt realistic mobile management policies, especially in highly regulated industries, to create exciting engagement models for employees, partners and clients. Realize data is the game changer. The real power of mobility is the access to information everywhere, supporting fluid applications and flexible work styles. Embrace diversity. An effective mobile strategy will allow employees to pick the device, OS and application that lets them be most effective at their jobs. Get beyond “an app for that.” Apps that can fill specific tasks or work together should link enterprise systems, machines, big data and cloud assets. Regain control and prevent shadow IT. This reduces unmanaged consumption and usage of services. It also reduces the risk of cyber attacks, data breaches and data loss. CSC ensures that your mobile apps meet user expectations for performance and engagement. We support applications and services on any device or platform, ensuring their security, performance, scalability, compatibility and usability. Our full range of managed services for devices, applications and content helps you move up the maturity curve with an agile mobile infrastructure that scales according to your needs.
  7. 7. NEXT-GEN APPS FOR THE AS-A-SERVICE ECONOMY Business processes today are driven almost exclusively by applications. Getting applications right, and getting them out first, is an imperative. The margin of error has shrunk to a razor’s edge. To make sure your business benefits: Involve both IT and business units in modernization. Modernization affects people and processes as much as applications. Updating applications alone won’t achieve transformation goals. Modernize business and technical assets. Streamline the existing portfolio for efficiency, simplicity and lower TCO; migrate and modernize applications and data, while moving to more efficient technology platforms. Replace or extend applications to address business changes. Build high-quality business applications and integrate SaaS to accelerate delivery. Appoint someone to manage the application environment and look for areas for continuous improvement. Your environment now includes multiple clouds and new IaaS and PaaS. Look for help to aggregate, integrate and broker IT services. Embrace new methods for application development, distribution and consumption. Centralized application distribution manages the cost of maintaining an application library, especially when managing multiple devices and platforms. An apps-store model enables user self-service. CSC will help you realize new value from innovation, inside and outside the company. Our deep understanding of the application revolution means we can help you connect all the dots between your initiatives. Every investment you make will yield the best possible return in the shortest period of time.
  8. 8. BIG AND FAST DATA FOR BUSINESS ADVANTAGE Data is a driving force underlying business decisions and processes. Applying leading technologies and analytics to your existing and new data will help you identify new and better ways to serve, produce, optimize and compete. Information overload hasn’t overwhelmed us. It’s creating a new generation of opportunities and advances. To make sure your business benefits: Start simply. Initial projects should involve minimal plumbing and a well-scoped problem. Early success will drive demand for broader applications. Don’t translate an entire data warehouse into a big data system table for table. Big data approaches to data mining differ from more familiar structured environments. Tweak. As needs evolve and data sources change, big data models need to be recalibrated periodically to maintain peak performance. Bring on the scientists. Include experts with skills in mathematics, programming and your industry—specialists who can identify the best data sources and best questions to get the right outcomes. CSC helps companies make decisions at the speed of data. We build global solutions rapidly through close industry relationships and a relentless focus on improving time to value. Using an iterative development approach, many of our projects become self-funded in the first year, with client returns generated in the first quarter of implementation.
  9. 9. Watch our companion video at The road to next-gen IT requires careful consideration and thoughtful conversations with innovative subject- matter experts. Call your client executive or visit to schedule an appointment.