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My village my home in Malawi


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JSI Presentation; By Lora Shimp; April 2015. This presentation illustrates the Newborn Tracking and Monitoring of Infant Vaccination Status using My Village My Home (MVMH: Malawi). MVMH is a community based new born tracking tool to identify and track all infants in a community recording infant vaccination dates. MVMH is linked with the REC approach (4th and 5th elements) empowering community leaders and volunteers to engage with caretakers on health promotion specific to vaccinating their children, as well as, taking ownership in the success of the immunization progress.

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My village my home in Malawi

  1. 1. MY VILLAGE MY HOME MALAWI ​Lora Shimp ​April 2015
  2. 2. 2| Programme title: Main objective of the programme: Geographic scope: Duration: Number of target beneficiaries: Implementing partner: NewbornTracking and Monitoring of Infant Vaccination Status Using MyVillage is My Home (MVMH) - Malawi a) In two districts,contribute to increased the coverage of fully immunized children in comparison to the baseline survey conducted in February 2015 b) Monitor the immunization status of infants from birth to one-year old at the community level using MVMH over a period of six months. 395 immunizationsites in two priority districts in Malawi (Dowa and Ntchisi) Under 12 months population: 46,434 John Snow,Inc.(as subcontractors to Jhpiego under the USAID-funded Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP))
  3. 3. 3| Innovation & Engaging Community Members  MVMH engages families and communities as partners rather than simply recipients of health services  MVMH designed and implemented in India and adapted for use inTimor-Leste. Scaled-up in both settings, and assessments showed evidence of effectiveness.  Model to be adapted in Malawi and linked with the “Reaching Every Community” approach,including service deliverylinkage and monitoring (e.g. monthly reviews and routine reporting)  HSAs in Malawi currentlypromote community cohesion suggesting a fertile ground for this approach (and can record vaccination status using MVMH)  MVMH empowers community leaders and volunteers to engage with caretakers on health promotion specific to vaccinating their children  Communities take ownership in the success of the immunization program
  4. 4. 4|  Addresses 4th & 5th elements of REC/RED (linking services with communities & monitoring for action)  Local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) work with Health SurveillanceAssistants (HSAs) to engage community leaders to identify and register newborns and mobilize families  Spark engagement of community leaders as partners in improving immunization results  HSAs conduct a censure of the target population and record vaccination statususing MVMH tool  HSAs meet monthly with leaders to provide a list of children that should be vaccinated  HSAs responsible for mobilizingand motivating caregivers to bring their children on schedule Intervention Description
  5. 5. 5| Understanding the MVMH Tool  MVMH is community-based newborn tracking tool  Identifies and tracks all infants in a community  Engage community leaders,volunteers,and health workers in strategies to promote timely and complete vaccination of all infants  Poster-sized tool used as a guide and record for community to recordbirth dates and vaccination dates for every infant
  6. 6. 7| MyVillage My Home Draft ProgramTheory Increased Immunization Coverage Line of Accountability IncreasedVaccination Services Improved knowledge, attitudes and/or self-efficacy about when to utilize vaccination services Financialorgeographicaccessto immunizationservices Immunizationservicequalityofcare Social Influence Exerted through home visits and public display of the tool on families by community to have their kids vaccinated Health workers and community leaders/volunteers gain a strengthened sense of responsibility for getting high community coverage Monthly meetings conducted to assess and discuss the current vaccination status based on information from the tool Engage members of community including health workers and volunteers to use tool to track birth dates and vaccination dates. Individual family’s exposure to messaging about when to use vaccination services through public display of the tool Foundational enabling environment:health system is functioning well, quality of care acceptable,community organization effective