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JSI's Index Testing Resources


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These slides were presented by Respina Chintalova-Dallas during JSI’s Index Testing & Partner Notification for HIV Epidemic Control webinar on April 11th, 2019. Chintalova-Dallas is currently a Senior Technical Adviser on the AIDSFree project managing the HIV testing services portfolio with a focus on index testing and partner notification. The AIDSFree Project, a five year initiative funded by USAID and PEPFAR and implemented by JSI, improves the quality and effectiveness of high-impact, evidence-based HIV interventions—such as HIV testing, treatment, prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT), voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), and condom promotion—in order to meet country-specific objectives.

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JSI's Index Testing Resources

  1. 1. JSI’s IndexTesting and Partner Notification Resources Repsina Chintalova-Dallas, MPH Senior Technical Advisor,AIDSFree April 11, 2019
  2. 2. AIDSFree USAID-funded, JSI-led 5-year project (2014–2019) • Focus on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment, & careComprehensive HIV prevention, care, treatment, support • Capacity building, service expansion, infrastructure strengthening for epidemic control • Interventions for and with men, women, girls, boys, key populations • Broad partnerships engaging government, private sector, communities Project Goal • Building sustainable, country-owned HIV programs • Aligning with country/international targets for epidemic control
  3. 3. AIDSFree Strategies • Comprehensive, evidence-informed HIV services • Capacity building, service expansion, infrastructure strengthening for epidemic control • Interventions for and with men, women, boys, girls, key populations • Broad partnerships engaging government, private sector, providers, communities
  4. 4. Partner Notification Handbook Publically Available at: notification-handbook-designing-and- implementing-programs-and-services • Provides evidence and best practices for development and scaling of PN programs • Highlights critical areas for implementing high quality PN services • Helps identify individual country barriers • Provides samples of all forms necessary for implementation.
  5. 5. Flowchart is based on JSI (AIDSFree, Advancing Partners and Communities) experience working to roll-out & document index testing Challenges encountered: • Ensuring correct information is collected to evaluate this strategies' contribution to the halting the epidemic • Ensuring data collected is aligned with MERs, for DATIM submission Uses of the flow chart: • Introduction to index testing • Documentation/ M&E tool IndexTesting Flowchart
  6. 6. Newly diagnosed HIV infected individuals Agrees to participate in partner notification Lists sexual partners, drug- injecting partners, & children Partners and children found Agrees to be tested for HIV Tests HIV positive Enrolled into care and treatment Tests HIV negative Does not agree to be tested for HIV Partners and children not found Does not agree to participate in partner notification HTS_TST_POS_ (Non Index) (Patient 0 found via non index strategy) Patient 0 agrees to take part in APN HTS _ Index (while not the index patient person found through an index strategy of outreach HTS _ Index _Pos Check for double counting TX_New HTS_Index_ Neg If patient tests positive through index based strategy, that person should be offered partner notification services • Document why individual declines APN • Repeat offers of APN • Document why individual declines HIV test • Repeat offers of HIV test Flowchart to Document Steps for Index-BasedTesting
  7. 7. No. PLHIV offered VPR services 483 No. PLHIV accepted VPR 197 No. sexual partners identified 143 No. sexual partners tested for HIV and received test result 116 No. sexual partners HIV positive 33 No. HIV positive sexual partners initiated ART 26 No. sexual partners did not receive an HIV test 27 No. PLHIV Not Eligible 176 No. PLHIV did not accept VPR 110 APCVoluntary Partner Referral (VPR) Strategy Flow Chart: FY19 Q1 HTS_INDEX _ POS TX_NEW HTS_INDEX _NEG 22.8% HTS_INDEX 40.8% 36.4% 81.1% 18.9% 28.4% 71.6% 78.8% Index Case No. sexual partners HIV negative 83
  8. 8. Guidance Database The AIDSFree Guidance Database brings together national HIV testing and treatment guidance and HIV/TB co-infection treatment guidance from many priority countries around the world. This interactive database helps prepare guideline revisions for a specific country, conduct research and product development, prepare training materials for health care personnel, write proposals and grants, or learn about guidelines from other countries. The database currently includes guidelines from 47 countries.