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Social Media For Educators


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A review of personalized learning networks (PLNs) and their benefits within the education realm

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Social Media For Educators

  1. 1. Social Media for Educators EDDU9163 Summer 2015 Jacob Shuey
  2. 2. Personalized Learning Networks (PLNs) Below are the PLNs that I practiced using: Twitter Delicious Google+ Pinterest Voicethread
  3. 3. Twitter Access to up-to-date educational news and ideas Purposeful search using hashtags Who to follow suggestions for expanding PLN Personal Twitter page and Favorites allows for easy archiving
  4. 4. Delicious One-stop for access to useful links Links are organized by tags for easy retrieval Ability to “follow” others who share the same interests Subscription capability to specific tags to find most applicable sites
  5. 5. Google+ Ability to join others into your “circles” – “circles” can be categorized into groups Ability to join “communities” centered around a specific topic Excellent hub for communication through “hangouts”, “collections”, and “pages” Because it’s by Google, everything is streamlined into the rest of your computer (calendar, email, etc.) Google + page
  6. 6. Pinterest Ideal for saving ideas, tips, websites, etc. “Pins” are categorized by “boards” to sponsor easy retrieval “Boards” can be shared amongst others for easily collaboration Others’ “boards” can be followed to keep up to date with shared interests “Boards” can be made private for others to not view if need be
  7. 7. Voicethread Excellent presentation tool with room for commenting Comments can be written, oral, or through video Slides within the presentation can be pictures, video, website, etc. Presentations can be saved for use from year ot year Comments are seen and shared to all for ideal collaboration Sample Voicethread
  8. 8. Conclusion • It’s not a matter of which type of PLN is the best. Each has a purpose. It’s not which to use but when to use it. • Networking with others is a part time job. It requires energy and time. It doesn’t just happen. • Invite others along for the ride. It’s great to connect with people across the globe, but why not invite your colleague who teaches across the hall?