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North Korea


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North Korea

  1. 1. Internet Filtering: North Korea Jonathan Shirshekan Ethics of Cyberspace Spring I 2010
  2. 2. North Korea: Background Government: Communist state one-man dictatorship Population: 22,665,345 Literacy Rate: 99%Source: CIA World Fact Book.
  3. 3. Information and CommunicationPrint and Broadcast Media Tightly Regulated by NorthKorean Regime Aimed at Promoting Its Ideology, Furthering Its Agenda, & Acclaiming Its Leader (Kim Jong II) No Independent Media Outlets Legally Prohibited Access to Any Non-Governmental Television or Radio Stations
  4. 4. Information and Communication Legal Cellular Phone Access Limited to Nation’s Capital* Some Illegally Smuggle Phones in From China (Allows for Chinese Internet Access) “Inadequate” Landline Accessibility**Source: CIA World Fact Book.
  5. 5. Internet and IntranetAlmost All Internet Users are Elites or Foreigners A Select Few Have Unrestricted Access (i.e. Members of Kim Jung II’s Inner Circle) Cost of Internet Usage Effectively Excludes Most CitizensNo Top-Level Domain (TLD) Servers in China, Japan, German and US Utilized to Host Its Official Pages
  6. 6. Internet and IntranetGovernment Maintains an Isolated, Domestic Intranet Intranet is Called “Kwangmyong” Comprised of Approximately 30 Websites Content Approved By or Created By Regime User Conduct Monitored by Government
  7. 7. Internet and IntranetKwangmyong Access Granted to Select: Research Institutions Schools Factories Governmental Ministries Small Number of Businesses and Individuals
  8. 8. Internet and IntranetGovernment Imposes Costs (Some as High as 7x to 8x theAverage Monthly Salary) to Deter Ordinary Citizens fromAccessing the Intranet
  9. 9. SummaryGovernment Maintains Strict Control Over MediaGovernment Allocates Resources Only in Support of ItsIdeologyFor Ordinary Citizen, Internet Is Inaccessible. For SomeOrdinary Citizens, Only Form of Access is Regimes’s IntranetDespite North Korea’s Constitutional Guarantee to Freedomof Speech and of the Press, There is No Legal Challenge toSuch Pervasive Control Over Online Access and Content
  10. 10. SourcesExcept Where Noted, All Information from “Access Denied”Edited By Deibert, Palfrey, et al.