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  1. 1. EC2Verification suite? Joshua Harlow Yahoo!
  2. 2. EC2‣ How do we do it? ‣ Lets not even start on if we should do it…‣ What level of support? ‣ There are about 10+ different versions of EC2 (where version is a supported output format) ‣‣ How do we get better support? ‣ Legal issues?
  3. 3. How?‣ XML comparisons/content/logic tests…? ‣ Some differences are ok? ‣ Some are not?‣ API incompatibles ‣ Bug reports?‣ APIs missing ‣ Feature requests?
  4. 4. CI‣ How do we continuously verify? ‣ U say I’m 20% compat, I say I’m 25% ‣ Who is right? ‣ Against what version?‣ Do we test against master set? ‣ Probably can’t test against EC2 itself (legal?) ‣ Do we have a mock EC2 we can test against?
  5. 5. Who‣ Why limit ourselves to nova + ec2 ‣ Technically no reason to (auth mechanisms might cause issues here?)‣ Allows all EC2 players to work as a team to make the best possible suite ‣ More partners, more tests, more validation (good!)‣ Who’s interested???