Achieving Successful Alliances With Effective Project Management Office (PMO) Contributions


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Achieving Successful Alliances With Effective Project Management Office (PMO) Contributions

  1. 1. Achieving successful alliances with effective projectmanagement office (PMO) contributions
  2. 2. Professional ProfileEducation Professional Career Professional ExpertiseQualification Road & Rail Sector Planning and Controls 2000 2001 - 2007 System Alignment B.Sc Honours 7 Years (UAE) – Site Based Estimate – Schedule - Cost Civil Engineering Roads & Highway Office Engineer Early Warning Systems Planning Engineer Baseline & Tracking Programming Engineer Planning & Design Engineer Performance Measurement EV / Forecast Reporting 2008 - today 4 Years (AUS) – Office Based Dashboard Reporting Rail Industry Web & BI Reporting Senior Planner Portfolio Planner and Project Controller Senior Program Planner
  3. 3. Presentation Topics Analysing why and when What PMO can do for an an alliance needs PMO alliance Key Enablers for a Examples of PMO successful PMO Deliverables
  4. 4. Project Auto Data No ‘Pet’ Best Practices Information Collection to Projects but no more in Ownership Save Time Bigger Picture Project Silos Initiatives Minimum Governance Aligned to Conflicting Accountable Deliver VFM Priorities System Critical Funding Scope Resource Model ChangeWhich UNIT can help in meeting EXPECTATIONS while managing CONSTRAINTS PMO CENTRALIZE COORDINATE PRIORITIZE Unit Information Planning Objectives
  5. 5. MANAGERS INFORMATIONWhich UNIT can help in Centralizing the Information by Collaboration of Managers? CENTRALIZE COLLABORATE
  6. 6. PMO Manager (Delivery Planning & Strategy Manager)Planning Portfolio Project Program Resource Manager Risk Manager Manager Controls Manager Senior Portfolio Project Program Planner Controller Planner Scheduler Cost Controller
  7. 7. Project Management Provide Dynamic Improve Resource Increasing Quality Plans - PMP Project Status Efficiency of DeliverablesSupport to Define and Document Early Warning System Proper Allocation for Storing Lessons for Mitigation Planning GAP Analysis Learnt Communicate for Endorsement Full Program Visibility Accurate Forecasting for Using and Reusing for Timely Decisions Resource Levelling Best PracticesSupport to Update as Lessons Learnt
  8. 8. Actual Forecast Planned
  9. 9. Risk Quick RiskLevels Templates
  10. 10. Probabilistic P80Probabilistic P50Deterministic Planned
  11. 11. Deterministic vs. Probabilistic P80 or PxxEnter Pxx
  12. 12. ImpactsProbabilityRisk Scoring
  13. 13. Pre Mitigation Mitigation Post Mitigation Pre Mitigation Post Mitigation
  14. 14. Project Float Project Finish Project Cost Project Key DatesHealth Check Health Check Health Check Health Check
  15. 15. Index Schedule Earned Value ProjectPerformance Performance Performance Health
  16. 16. Program ProjectComparison Comparison
  17. 17. Project Activity Milestone Critical Behind Over allocated Calendar Status Schedule Resources
  18. 18. Resource Cost Select Timeframe forfor Cost Status Forecast to Complete
  19. 19. Select Projects Select ResourcesSelect Report Template Select Report Format View and Export from One Source of Truth
  20. 20. Select Project Project StatusSelect Report Template Select Report Format View and Export from One Source of Truth