Xenos - LGN OER2011


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  • There are millions of young and older English Language Learners who stand to benefit from this learning tool. I hope we can promote it to all the adult ELLs we work with across the country AND help their ESOL teachers to integrate it in instruction.
    Silja Kallenbach
    World Education, Inc.
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Xenos - LGN OER2011

  1. 1. Learn a new language. Enter a new world.
  2. 2. Xenos is the premiere language learning web portal,where users enter a virtual learning space to learnEnglish as a foreign or second language.
  3. 3. MISSION: Bring the world closer together through media that supports learn.
  4. 4. In Games and activities are the lifeblood of the Xenos experience, played collaboratively in the targetlanguage to facilitate real-time, authentic contexts to support Spanish-speaking ESL high school and early college learners in the United States.
  5. 5. is built onIntegrated Social Learning Environmentis the first free and completely open platform for games,activities, and social experiences designed to supportlearning. The platform provides instructionally rigorous andpedagogically innovative learning games and activities thatare free to all. The ISLE platform enables one-to-one andone-to-many communications around games and activitieswithin a virtual learning space where opportunities exist forstudents, teachers, and mentors alike to cast themselves inroles for the teaching and learning.
  6. 6. Important findings:Improvement of at-risk learner test scores, the shift in student motivation to learn English, and the change in teacher motivation to modify their strategies for instruction with support from games.
  7. 7. Theory of change: Our project goals emerge from a theory of change that puts games at the center of a playful learning experience designed to change how people approach and experience languages while encouraging and enabling a wider community of creative learning game developers to produce new applications, with our open ISLE tools and APIs, reducing development costs and the challenges of reaching an aggregated audience.
  8. 8. Project status: Xenos recently entered beta and is continuing development in order to engage and confirm mid-sized to larger development and distribution partners in the language learning area. Our goal is to simplify the tools we provide for a larger group of game producers, emulating what we’ve seen with Apple and Droid application development. We also aim to refine ISLE assessment and reporting tools, making it easier for developers to integrate games with the platform while providing more meaningful performance metrics to teachers and learners.
  9. 9. www.xenos-isle.com www.learninggamesnetwork.org 101 Rogers Street, Suite 205 Cambridge, MA 02142 USA 617.494.4946 info@learninggamesnetwork.org @LGamesNetwork